A US National Guard 'yeomanry' regiment still exists


Random find from the Wall street journal, but it turns out the US National Guard still has a yeomanry unit with the rank of Cornet out there, although its only 34 strong. Apparently all pay gets donated to the upkeep of the unit - I'd keep that idea away from the Army for fear they adopt the same policy for Army Reserve units!


More importantly... sleeves down.
That has to be the Elvis feckin' Presley Yeomanry.


Wonder if their forebears were all Freemen and farmers like ours. Cornet was Cavalry and IIRC the Irish Hussars had them. Yank cornets were in the revolutionary war and all. Great find there OP.


It's cute how the US think they have aristocracy ;)

Talking out of my bum, via a mobile telephone.

Black Sheep

So, a unit of volunteers, donate all the pay to upkeep said unit. In return they all get ot ponce around and get heaps of badges from ally courses........ Oh bugger............ I do hope ministry researchers are not on this site...
I'm sorry but no gentleman wears his hair shaved like that ;).

Absolutely pish-poor quality of horses and horsemanship in the link too - I'm fairly sure there's no sword-stroke in the cavalry manual where the follow-through is likely to take the mount's eye out:rolleyes:.
You guys are just jealous of the swank hats the troop wears... :p :p And as for a gentlemen's bar in the armory, it is a delightful custom enjoyed by many National Guard armories in the US, and not just in Philadelphia. ;-P
They used to provide a cavalry element to the ARNG's 28 ID (Keystone Division) but I don't know if they still do; I remember visiting "The Armoury" in Philadelphia many many years ago and they had an M-60 MBT and a M-106 mortar carrier for drill nights; lots of oil painting of former distinguished members on the walls too and I reckon I still have their tie (brown with helmet in yellow) somewhere....
Those lids are something of an oddity: a curious mixture of lance cap and Tarleton.


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Just goes to prove.

It you ain't cav, you ain't.

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