A Tyre For Qana?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Update: Looks like more manipulation. If you check in at lgf and HotAir, you'll find a CNN story talking about the rotting corpses from a mass burial in Tyre. Yet, as I point out below, bodies from that burial were stored in refrigerated trucks. Tyre is a Hezbollah strong hold and it appears as though rather than using the refrigerated trucks in all cases, they are allowing the scenes to be as gruesome as possible when the media is about.

    Also, if the refrigerated bodies weren't the ones buried in Tyre on Satruday, where did they end up? Qana? It's possible, read below.

    A full day before an air strike in Qana currently making headlines around the world, the Mayor of Tyre prepared a mass grave for 32 bodies killed in the area during the course of the recent conflict. Early Red Cross reports from the scene in Qana indicated only 27 bodies. Ironically enough, if you add 32 and 27 you arrive at the number of Qana dead reported by the press today. Current reports seem to fluctuate between 56 - 60.

    It's been reported that the media coverage and the recovery effort didn't begin until the next morning. During that gap, the very same refrigerated trucks that held the dead from Tyre made their way to Qana. The question is, were they empty given some analysis which questions the times of death. See Confederate Yankee.

    Additionally, there appear to be discrepancies in the reporting from Qana. We're told the building didn't collapse until morning. Yet, one observer claims to have been blown out of the building from the third floor during the night, only to rush right back in and witness the massacre.

    Some photographic evidence (click images to enlarge) also makes the site look more like a bomb shelter than the basement of a poor tobacco farmer's home, as is being reported. Statements from survivors document that Qana is home to hard-line Hezbollah members and their families. The town is located at a critical juncture of five roads just north of the southern plains of Southern Lebanon and the elevation represents a prime location for the launching of rockets ever more deeply into Israel.

    It seems at least possible that the victims were mostly comprised of the families of Hezbollah fighters and one body which wasn't uncovered for mass display appears to be in fatigues.

    Add to that Powerline's questioning the timing of a professionally produced banner, and one has to at least wonder how much of the Qana incident is being managed for the benefit of Hezbollah's war against Israel. Some documentation of that has already been covered at EU Referendum. It's also being covered in the IsraeliInsider.

    It has to be considered that the Qana strike may well have killed a number of civilians and Hezbollah fighters with the number of civilian dead being augmented by bodies from Tyre. But no official report I have seen documents more than 27 bodies at this time, while the MSM is reporting as many as sixty. Relevant MSM links and quotes below.

    Tyre: On Saturday, the Lebanese army dug a mass grave in Tyre and filled it with 32 plywood caskets containing the bodies of those already killed in the crossfire.

    Qana: The Lebanese Red Cross, which conducted the rescue, counted 27 bodies.

    The refrigerated truck that bodies are stored in had just emptied the day before with a mass burial. It is already filling up again, with the bodies of children.

    "I was blown out of the building through a wall," said 27-year-old Ibrahim Chalhoub, a survivor from one of the two hardest-hit families.

    At 1 a.m. yesterday, he was brewing a pot of tea in his top-floor kitchen. Moments later, the bomb struck the house. The force from the blast blew out the ground from beneath his feet.

    "When the smoke cleared, I could not believe what happened. I rushed inside. It was a massacre," he said, his voice dissolving into sobs, eyes rolling up to the clear blue sky.

    The tobacco farmer's house was thought to be the safest place in town, perched on an innocuous edge of Lebanon's Bekka Valley.

    Khalil had been in a nearby house when the missile hit.

    "It came in right at the door. I saw it. It was aimed right for the door," he said.

    Israel has hit Qana so hard in recent days that it's difficult to distinguish old rubble from the new.
  2. Trip , I'm tempted to move this into the Arrsehole.

    I don't know what reports the original author was looking at , but the refrigeration on the trucks had failed, and the bodies were shown on AP and Reuters and the BBC being buried. They were not then dug up again , and moved to Qana.

    However, either a C4 or ITN news team were almost bang on top of Qana when it was whacked, and they were there to see some of the first efforts and bodies getting moved.

    Sorry , but this is a pretty disgusting revisionist piece of crap.
  3. i think encouraged by the fact that certain other photos have been shown beyond doubt to be staged anti-isreal propaganda, neo-con right wing bloggers are now going OTT and claiming a conspiracy everywhere

  4. PTP

    The IDF hit Qana at 01:00 didn't it???? The Red Cross were not given notice about the buildings collapse until 07:00 and the press until 08:00

    Fergal Keane was amongst the first into Qana and the dust had settled by then

    I don't know whether to believe this or not BUT I do know when things happened since all I seem to be good for nowadays is watching News24
  5. Sven , do you have a timeline from one of the NGO's LRC or UN available?
  6. Do a search on the Beeb website - I think I saw one there
  7. I can only find a report via HRW from a guy who was in the building , that thought the first one came in about 01.00 , followed by other strikes.

    I can't find the timeline for the first reporters, but am sure I remember the ITN guy very shaken and it was still dark.
  8. A similar story did the rounds after the USS Vincennes shoot-down of the Airbus, claiming that the aircraft was an F-14 and that the bodies came from Iranian morgues. :? :roll:
  9. The first report I saw was about 10 o clock. The first camera shot was from the side of the car the journos were in showing a red cross thingy honking along in the opposite direction

    I have definately seen a timeline, but in the meantime, here is Haaretz on a statement from the head of the Red Cross in Tyre saying that they only got a phone call at 07:00, and that the media first heard of the bombing at 8

  10. Sven , I notice somone has posted Fergal Keane's report in the Spectator , where he talks about Qana. He mentions the conspiracy theories but points out he was there and saw the aftermath and the bodies being pulled from the rubble. He is in no doubt, the dead were from that scene.
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Fauxtography: The media scandal continues

    By Michelle Malkin


    It's the story that the journalistic elite would rather just go away. In the aftermath of Reuters' admission that one of its photographers, Adnan Hajj, had manipulated two war images from Lebanon after bloggers smoked out his crude Photoshop alterations and all 920 of his Reuters photos were pulled, evidence of far more troubling photo staging and media deception in the Middle East continues to pour in.

    Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (littlegreenfootballs.com) calls it "fauxtography."

    One of Hajj's photos was an iconic image of a dusty dead child with a clean blue pacifier clipped to his shirt, paraded by a corpse handler at the site of an Israeli airstrike in Qana, Lebanon. Mainstream journalists have sneered at bloggers' suspicions, first raised at EU Referendum ( eureferendum.blogspost.com), that some of the gruesome photos from that scene may have been staged. Washington Post photographer Michael Robinson-Chavez, who was at Qana, huffed: "Everyone was dead, many of them children. Nothing was set up." But last week, a German television station aired damning video footage from the scene showing a lead propaganda director (dubbed the "Green Helmet Guy") positioning a young boy's corpse, yanking it from an ambulance, placing it on two different stretchers for the cameras, and pushing bystanders out of the way for clearer shots.

    Edited for copyright issues....PTP

  12. But a dead child none the less ? No matter what the propagandists on both sides do with the images the bottom line is that far more Lebanese have died this last month than Israelis. It is obvious that a high proportion of Israeli strikes were either plain revenge or aimed at destruction of Lebanese infrastructure. War crimes are not excused by being in retaliation for other war crimes.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    I seem to detct a somewhat biased view here as well as in other posts I hope I'm just misreading you. As i recall, Hezbollah was using populated areas to station their missile launchers, which were firing into Israel, hitting civilian targets, killing women, children, etc. How do you propose they should have stopped this firing?

    Yes, non-combatants were killed on both sides, as they usually are in any combat situation. If Hezbollah would have had an Air Force and Arty, the odds would have been reversed or worse since that was their goal, to kill as many people that they could in Israel. :roll:

  14. I think those posts are old