A turning point for Labour?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frankie, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Today saw three serious(ish) news stories about Labour heavyweights. Pardon the pun!

    Charles Clarke is under the cosh for not being aware that he, and his predecessor's dept had inadvertently released over 1000 foreign prisoners. Prisoners that may or may not have been eligible for deportation for their offences. It isnt a resigning matter.

    John 'Two-Jags' Prescott admits that the press have had the wrong moniker for him for the last two years, as he was outed for/owned up to his 2 year affair. I want some privacy.

    The Health Sec, Patricia Hewitt, is given the old slow hand clap at the nurses convention. Only the other day she was given a vote of confidence by the PM. Im doing a good job,

    Is there any chance that this could be the beginning of the end for Labour. They are surely about to be caught in a sleaze/no confidence attack from the media, if not the other parties, and the public surely can't be falling for all the No 10 spin again can they?

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Although not the heavyweight in UK politics he used to be, you missed Kinnock's driving ban too.

    In regard to your question, we can only hope. If nothing else it will be fun watching the slimy b@stard BLiar wriggling hard. I only hope that the Tories keep at it and press the high ground and then for once, stay there.

    Edited to add

    Has anyone else noticed that Brown has completely disappeared in this mess? Distancing himself beautifully, canny man.
  3. You know if Labour go into meltdown after the local elections then Bliar might go....please God let it happen
  4. Don't forget:

    Cash for peerages.
    Tessa Jowell and her husband allegedly accepting a bribe from Berlusconi which was used to pay off their mortgage.
    Ruth Kelly allowing sex offenders to work as teachers.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Good reminder. All we need now is a prize fcuk up in MOD attributed to a minister (with Service chiefs being robust and not taking the blame for once) and we have a full house!
  6. Im harking to the good old days of Tory rule...and I never thought id hear myself say that
  7. I thought one of the key points of this disgrace was that the situation had been brought to his departments attention more than 2 years ago by the prison inspectors, then again in 2005 by the NAO and again later in 2005 by a commons select commitee, surely it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination for anyone to claim clarke didn't know...

    anyone else catch the statement on Today this morning from some duty apologist rolled out to spin the story? The gist of it was that clarke had verbally offered to consider resigning and TCB turned him down, I would have thought the honourable thing to have done would have been to actually write a feckin letter of resignation and hand it in then see if it is accepted or not, spineless piece of sh!t.
  8. Liability Parties days are numbered!!!!! :)

    Edited for carp spelling.
  9. But Who is going to replace them ?
    And no one hate Blur/Labour more then I.
  10. I must admit to the Daily Horror's front page putting me off my morning banjo somewhat: My Dreams of Prezza? The thought of that fat, spotty (as I understand things) arrse pounding away like a 4.5 on NGS just made me feel queasy. What on Earth was that woman on? Let's face it - unlike the DPM - she's not half bad... well... I've woke up next to worse anyway. I don't know whether to give Two Jabs 'nuf respec' (innit?) or what! What has the world come to? 8O

    Bewildered of Bury St Edmunds.
  11. Can JPA be attributed to a minister? As well as the other problems described, there are now rumours that Crab Air personnel might be paid late this month due to this wonderful new system.
  12. The question is, if this happens, can the military have confidence that the CoC (up to and including CDS) have the balls to reveal it for the disgrace it will be, and take it to the top?

    I suspect that either Ingram or the terminally flaccid Touhig will be responsible (insofar as the term can be used in respect of a Labour minister); doubtless a search of MOD press releases will turn up a photo of one of them grinning inanely as he hands over a blank cheque to some contractor who's promised what he knows he can't deliver.
  13. Don't forget the scum have to find a ton of cash to repay their, ahem, "Loans".
  14. Indeed, and fairly quickly, too, since some of the lenders have called their loans in. Nothing at all to do with their failure to receive honours, of course...
  15. Not the Lib Dems thats for sure.

    The Tories need to get a grip and attack Liarbour and show they are making a comeback.

    But I'll be voting BNP in the local elections (but not in the General Election)