A true soldiers story Pegasus Bridge Vet in my local legion

I went to a veterans week awareness evening recently for the run up to rememberance sunday which was held at my local legion club in south buckinghamshire all absed around fundraising for the british legion.
I sat down next to a very dapper elderly gentleman wearing a pegasus tie and as a fellow member of the airborne brotherhood engaged him in conversation and am I glad I did.
It turns out this lovely old fella served in the OX and Bucks light infantry during D day and was on one of the first gliders in situ at pegasus bridge ,I listened for 2 hours ensuring I kept the old warrior well topped up as he told me all about his part in the dday landing ,Major John Howard the OC and the battle at Pegasus Bridge including telling me in detail about the young man who was the first to lose his life that night who was a friend of his.To me it reminded me how many heroes currently inhabit our old folks homes and British Legion clubs nation wide this old vet was truly a pleasure to speak to and it was an honuor to be in his company.

There are many of us on this site who have experienced combat /service on Telic /Herrick /granby etc,guys take a bit of advice and speak to some of these old fellas its amazing just how much you have in common with them especially the sense of humour.
Too true mate. Talked to many a Staffs vet, time and wars may change, squaddie humour aint much :)
Echo that,I recently had the pleasure of talking to an old boy who was a radio op on board HMS Rodney,he lost a third of his crew during the war and he took part in the action against the Bismarck,yet such a quiet unassuming bloke who just loved to potter around in his garden


We owe so much to these unassuming elderly folk, it annoys me how little respect the youth of today have towards the elderly (or anyone for that matter :x ). Nor do they even know anything about the history of the battles that so many heroes gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Forget the $hit about hug a hoody, how about this Remembrance Sunday you give a veteran 5 minutes of your time and buy him a beer.
static line pimp - just out of interest, which RBL were you in. I am off to RBL in South Bucks later tonight

If you ever get to go there again for similar reason I'd appreciate a heads-up.

Sunk a few with a number who where involved in that action over the years. Top blokes.


There usually are one or two in Eastbourne each year at the parade, always a chat as we have very similar beret badges. All being Light Infantry and all!

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