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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by stabandswat, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Is there a film or docu out there that gives a true reflection on todays British Army? The reason I ask is that the Septics seem hell bent on changing history and details in Hollywood (U-571 for example. I was always taught it was the Brits who got the Enigma). Is there a film that anyone could recommend?
  2. You would be right in thnking that and it also says in the end credits that the Royal Navy achieved this feat. I wouldnt get too wound up over the American views on the second world war, apparently the war started in 1941 and in the east.
  3. "Dog Soldiers"

    ok its about some lads on excercise who are up against werwolves but its spot on with the humour, lack of working kit and duff comms.

    Fantastic film though.


  4. I have to agree with you. Dog Soldiers is a great film. And far closer to the truth than anything Hollywood has produced recently!
  5. I actually sat and watched "The longest day" last night, it was in b&w and a WW2 film but it was excellent. Showed the planning and from both the Germans and the Allies, and gave a view of both parties. The film focused on the Brits just as much as the Americans but I felt that they took the urine a bit with the local dialogue as there was a lot of "Stone the Crows" lol.
  6. stabandswat - you said "todays" british army.


    you could always rent out the back catalogue of "soldier soldier" it was like it in my day except we sang less and our songs had naughty words in them


    Edited cos i am a mong (today)
  7. Ian Mcewan's book "Dunkirk" is being made into a film this year.

    Being filmed in Skegness or something, Kiera Knightley is in it!
    Could be good, I think its being directed by Sam Mendes, who seems to have his head screwed on.
  8. Thanks for reminding me! I was just looking through my DVD's last night and came across it. Never seen it before and to be honest have no idea how I came to have it! The reason I mentioned it was due to my earlier post re: hollywood making out the war was won by the Americans etc. I usually spend my evening reading Terry Pratchett Discworld novels but I have ran out :cry:
  9. Could be good - plenty of CGI so the "channel" could actually be teaming with boats instead of just getting a few...

  10. The film concerned is not a remake of Dunkirk but called 'Attonement' and filming for the Dunkirk scenes is starting very shortly. They are crying out for up to 1000 extras and must be available from 21st - 24th August. These scenes will be shot in Redcar, North Yorkshire - 8 miles east of Middlesbrough, not Skegness as previously stated.

    Email dunkirkextras@gmail.com with a photo and your uniform measurements.

    Good luck and as an ex resident of Redcar I promise you'll have a good couple of days!!

  11. My flatmate get sent a flyer from the people recruiting extras, that is how I had heard of it. I apologise for not having fully checked the details.
  12. I hate this bloody book they should burn every copy. had to do it for my A Levels. mabe the film will be better??

    Dont see how it will work on film though
  13. When you go to Redcar you really have to pay a visit to one of the ice cream shops on the front. They do an ice cream called Lemon Top and they are the best ice-creams ever. Be warned though, no matter how slowly you eat the lemon it WILL give you brain freeze.
  14. Totally StabandSwat they really do freeze your brain!!

    Redcar, for it's size has a good array of pubs including Weatherspoons, Yate's and loads of others with late licences and plenty of night clubs and good takeaways. Middlesbrough is a 10 minute train ride away and offers a very vibrant night scene indeed - apparently the rate of pay for extras is £100 per day cash!!

    Here is the Wiki link for Redcar - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redcar
  15. Will they take females on as 'extras' or is it only males they want? I could do with some extra cash.