A trillion pounds?

So, trying to put that into some sort of perspective... a million is the roughly the number of seconds in 11 days, a billion is the number of seconds in 32 years, and a trillion is the number of seconds since neanderthals last walked the earth.

Or another way of poking at it.
A trillion pounds is:
A stack (one LAID on top of another) of ONE THOUSAND POUND NOTES; (Each note £1,000)
67.9 miles high!
Interestly, the banks will not come to the aid of the economy by lending again unless the government agree to underwrite the risk of doing so with taxpayers money. Its win-win for the banks whose first duty is to their shareholders rather than the public.
I don't really understand what exactly is the National Debt?

Is this all as a result of government simply spending more than it had coming in, or does it include what we had to pay to dig the banks out of their hole?

I presume it doesn't, because as I understand it the cash was swapped for shares but the banks all seem to be doing OK at the moment so that money has not really gone away.

Does it include personal debt, which is not quite what it seems, in that high personal debt is an indicator of financial success and only becomes a problem when it cannot be repaid?

I dunno.
but surely the money loaned to the banks is being repaid with interest? surel Labour could not have been that stupid,as to not make a gain from this? Once the banks right themselves and return to full status, will the goverment sell shares to the public or will the banks simply hand back what they owe to the national coffers?
Well that is a bit of a miss and no mistake. Should it be in profit? Has that ever happened, or should there still be a debt, but just not that big?
I'd have thought a small 'profit' for the Government would be ideal, I don't think it's happened since the National Debt was created to fight Napoleon though.

I'm no great financial expert though.

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