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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, May 9, 2008.

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  1. My medical stuff was sent off to Scotland about 3 weeks ago and I have just got a letter back regarding headaches…
    I have suffered from the following symptoms about 3 times in my life:
    1. First I will get a deterioration of vision (it goes blurry) for about half an hour.
    2. Then after my vision returns my eyes start to literally ache, well at least the pain stems from them, and kind of spreads around my head.

    My brother said the same thing has happened to him before so I’m just wondering if it has happened to anyone else here?

    The last time this happened I visited the Western Eye Hospital in Baker Street (London) and underwent a thorough eye examination and the doctor said afterwards my eyes were in perfect condition.
    I have written all this down for the doctor at the ADSC, but do you think I could get deferred even though I have been to a specialist eye hospital and nothing was found to be wrong with my eyes?

    Cheers guys.
  2. I'd get it backed up by the eye specialist....because they need medical proof.

    I was deferred and had to provide proof I hadn't suffered stress symptoms in the last 2 yrs. I got my doctor to back my appeal.

    So I'd get in touch with the eye clinic and request a written evaluation as proof to send back to Scotland asap.
  3. thanks for that. ill call them on monday along with my GP.
  4. Oh I see, have you already had your medical accepted?

    I'd get the reports from the eye clinic, but not get them out unless you need them?

    Did the letter request more info?
  5. the letter wanted me to answer a few questions on the headaches, but i explained it like i have just done on here. i will hand the letter back to my CA and wait and see if they want a report from the eye specialist.
  6. I get exactly the same as you every 6-9 months.

    My vision slowly goes and stays like it for around 30 minutes, then it clears up and i get a massive migraine, a real killer. I have that headache for a few hours then i feel alot better.

    They are just migraines. I remember when i was 14 having them, i told my optician and my eyes were fine.
  7. Toon, they're asking you about headaches because visual disturbances like this are usually associated with migranes - which can stop you passing the medical. If you can prove to them you are not a regular migrane sufferer and are not reliant on medication for them you should be fine.

    How long is it since it first happened? If it's been a long time and they've not developed into migranes since there shouldn't be a problem.

  8. DaPs what happened with your appliction?
  9. Haven't been to any interviews etc yet.

    I only get them twice a year so i don't think it'll be a problem. As bunny said, i think it's only a problem if you get them regularly.
  10. ok thanks. te first time i got them was like 2-3 years ago, since then i have had about 3 so they are rare.
    cheers for your help, thank god i found this site because i was getting quite worried :)
  11. Well i got a letter today saying my application had been refused and i had no grounds of automatic appeal unless i provided copies of my medical records and/or a letter from my doctor.

    Basically this letter from scotland says that due to a history of an anxiety condition between 2002 to 2006 they wont let me in.

    But the only two times ive been to the doctor in that time frame was getting a sick note for a shoulder injury, and when i registered at a new doctor in 2006, and just sat down with him for an introductory chat, he didnt have my records at this point. I have not been to the doctors since, until i reregistered at my old doctors near my mam and dads so i can get my medical form sorted.

    So i dont know what is going on, i have an appointment with my doctors 4pm on monday, to try and go through my records and clear this up.

    Anybody else been through something similar at all, and has it been heard of to have decisions like this reversed, even if based on dodgy info.

    What kind of things do i need to ask my doctor to put into a letter, along with relevant copies of medical records, to try and get things sorted?
  12. geordie, what is your anxiety condition?
  13. Well as far as im aware ive never been told by the doctors that i have one, im just assuming that my general tiredness and inability to sleep properly when doing 60 hour weeks in a nightclub with no consistency of of when the hours actually are, has been misconstrued by this second doctor that ive seen once, into having an anxiety condition, as when i went in to see him for the first and only time and talked a bit about my history etc, hes never had my notes, and im hoping he hasnt just bunged something in that he has assumed, and thought nothing more of it.

    As i have known this happen before. (doctors bodging things up)
  14. Well off to the doctors at 4pm tomorrow, going to show him the letter I received from Glasgow. Then im going to ask him if he thinks theres anything in his opinion that can be done about it (obviously not asking him to lie).

    Go through the records and potentially get some photocopies, and hopefully might be able to sort something out from this.

    Anybody else been through something similar to this, in the sense of having to go to the doctors and appealing after getting copies of records etc.
  15. Well you need to get him to make sure he sends off the fact that you haven't been to the doctor for anxiety and work from there. I have had letters like this they tried to say I have asthma, When indeed I haven't had it since I was 6, I went to my doctors and explained it and he knew I hadn't been for medication since 1997 so we went from there and it was all cleared up, now I have my interview tomorrow. You will be fine mate! Just hold your head up and remember why you want a career in the army :)