A tribute to Steve Irwin.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EAGLE1, Sep 4, 2006.

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    by Andy Gregory.

    Steve I am a fighter yet even I must say.
    I cried a tear without fear when I heard the news today.

    The best die young goes the phrase and once again It's true.
    A loving Dad, loud and proud Steve we'll all miss you.

    From the top they try to tell us that life is just a score.
    Yet your connection with this earth showed us there's
    something more.

    Respect it, watch it, love it even though it might just kill.
    Let it live upon this earth sharing, breathing, still.

    I get your point oh Stevie man and I swear it will remain.
    Your love of all our creatures within our earths domain.

    God bless you now, you had to go, your number '1' was in.
    So in my mind for lifetime find THE SMILE OF STEVE IRWIN.

    God bless you dude.
    Andy Gregory.


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  2. Totally gay.

    And touching, sort of.
  3. How puffy

    Steve, you're on terminal leave
    gone to the land of make believe
    from life here on earth you've got a repreive
    I'm pieing your wife on your leather settee
  4. Does your stingray sting?


    Ouch...I thought you said your stingray didn't sting?

    That's not my stingray...

    If you go into the kitchen often enough, you will get burned. So long Steve, I don't want to say I told you so but...
  5. I was shocked to see him do a "Jacko" with his one month old baby - holdiong him while feeding a croc - with that kind of disregard for human life it was going to happen sooner or later.
  6. When asked what his favourite TV programme was when he was young, apparently Steve said, quote "Thunderbirds was good but Stingray will always have a place in my heart".
  7. Compassionate load of buggers are you lot!

  8. You cruel b*&^%$£. :lol: But it was very ironic.

    His wife is well tasty though ain't she - and now she's on the market! Rich widows are great.
    australian wild life expert, steve irwin dies after stingray attack.
    police say they are looking for five wooden puppets in a plastic

    well i thought it was funny....
  10. wonder if the footage will be shown on Dennis Nordems out takes at Christmas!
  12. Stop Press !!

    His wife is suing Ambre Solaire,
    because they said that Factor 30 would protect him from harmfull rays.
  13. Found the Suspects:

    U Boat Captain Troy Tempest

    His Colleague

    Thier U-Boat

    Target 1 Suspect?: The Stingray base commander, Possibly gave the shoot to kill order?
  14. I was not impressed with that either [ ie the baby thing ] but everybody is entitled to make idiotic mistakes from time to time, but that is radically different from turning one's whole life in to a mistake, so any equivalence with Michael Jackson is invalidated by being more superficial than real.

    Saludos Amigos
  15. Here's the official denial.....

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