A tribute to a wonderfull man


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:cry: my father in law of 86 years is finaly succumbing to the horrible cancer, we hope a last minute op may help him out but its 50 50.
Why do i want to put a tribute on here for him? Well after ww2 he went to palestine and stayed there all through the troubles surviving st davids hotel by minutes and getting rapid promotion and awarded when he was on centry duty a band of arab terrorist had got under the wire to the raoc camp he was in, he single handed opened up with the bren and by the time eveyone got into gear they found 7 dead arabs and 4 wounded all in a tight group, he was asked by the king of jordan to join his army as an instrucor for forces gaurding the pipeline, but all he wanted to do is return to blighty.
when back in the uk he joined the police after a few years as a dental technician, his beat was camden town and kings cross so he was stuck in the heart of it , some of his stories are quite funny like his first day in the force he was sent along a railway track with a bucket to find someones head that had been knocked off. In his day the only counselling they got was when they al met in the pub to have a whiskey for the day. I have known him for 18 years and can say hand on heart he always thinks of others before himself, he has been more of a father to me than my own step dad, he is a kind wonderfull genarous manwith steel determination and a heart of gold, his love for his daughter and son is high and he loves it when i bring the kids to see him. He has spent more than half his life in duty in the army and police service and is more of a man than i can ever achieve Henry Ernest Maylin RAOC and MET POLICE nothing i can say will ever show the grattitude of the kids and me for your help and for the service you have endured. There is one final hurdle to jump and i hope with all my heart you make it.
He has told me some stories of his time in palestine which i will post when appropiate.
Good on you DieHard, a very nice tribute to your father in law.

I hope that operation is a success and gives him a few more years to enjoy his grandchildren and family.

Keep well old son.

Die hard:

Sounds like a truly fine man. I sincerely hope the surgery works.

You have had the honour of knowing him and i hope you can share his stories with us.


Sounds like a truely remarkable man :D
I hope the surgery helps and he is still around to see his grand children grow up. A man like that deserves no less :D
I'll look forward to reading about his exploits :D
My thoughts are with you, your family and your Mrs's family!
All the best Mukka :D


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He used to go to the dick whittindon hospital when he was on the beat to get free tee and bikkies and in the camden, primrose hill, kings x kentish town area you would be very hard pressed to find a beat bobbie on christmass day, not because of the day but because my father in law had made friends with the monks in the abbey in dartmouth park hill. They would open the doors and the tables would be brimming with bottles of johnnie walker and any other spirit :all for medicinal purposes of course: they would also have massive bacon banjos as he still likes to call them, it was all about mutual respect in his day no radio to get back up just your whistle he told me if you threaten to arrest someone for being abusive but then dont do it, your finished no one will respect you con or bobbie. He once met the krays one evening on duty and said dont cause any bother tonight i wanna take my kids of on holiday early in the morning, so they said ok and the next night while he was on holiday some cronies of the twins kneecapped a guy on his beat lol.


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Sadly he lost his battle last tuesday having done so much all his life l know that he has left it a better state, he beat the cancer but other problems arose.
It is only over the last few days that more things have come to light, he kept it a secret to hid death but we now know he operated very closely with the hereford hooligans and the anti terrorist squad while he worked at heathrow airport as a copper.
There is now a big hole in our lives now especially for my wife and kids who have lost one of the kindest and most honest men i have ever known, they have put up with so much with him being ill and quite a few times i have not been able to be with them when needed cos ive had 3 heart attacks myself in the last couple of months. However i was there at the end and when we visited him in the hospital he asked how we were and being a classic of his generation never complainrd once.
When he was last at home he would watch the telly and everytime he heardof another death or injury in afghanistan he would get very upset. Ern we miss you but you have shown us never to give up.
Sounds as if he was a great man, typical of many of his generation, he just got on with his job and did it well without having to worry about all the wishy washy pc bullshit that the modern day force, sorry "service" :x have to put up with!
Condolences to you and your family.

It is a loss for you now but count yourself lucky to have known a man like him. Many have no one in the family to love and respect.


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After looking at this thread i realized i promised to post more stuff about my late father in law henry ernest maylin i still have tears in my eyes as i think about him.
When he first got to Palastine he had to go to a rescue of a coach full of refugee jews that was being attacked by a band of arabs, they intervened and managed to save all but 2 people killing and capturing a few in the process, the next day his patrol was attacked by the infamous stern gang and 2 members of his platoon were seriously injured, he used to say it was like the troubles in NI you know who the enemy was but could'nt do anything until they shot at you.
This still did'nt prevent him from making many friends and he was also offered a large sum of money to stay behind and join the new army of the new isreal, im glad he declined as i would never of met him.


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As a testament to the man two of my kids are now starting the process of joining up, my daughter wants to be combat medical technician and her twin is applying for the royal marines, i am obviously concerned for there welfare but will support them in every way i can.
Our thoughts are with you and your family - lost my Dad to cancer 13 years ago, ex- RASC & police - if your Dad meant as much to you as mine did to me, be quite a gap to fill.

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