A Training Plan (for anyone interested)

Been using this training program for a month and it has been working really well. I devised it for training for the AOSB and thought I would share it as I have seen a few people asking for programs in the past. Any fitness gurus feel free to comment on it.

I designed it to specifically improve on the 3 main fitness tests (bleep test, press ups and sit ups) plus pull ups which although are not tested, are pretty important I would guess, especially since you are expected to scale a 7 foot wall and climb a rope.

Everything should be done at the maximum intensity or weight that you can sustain for the period specified. You might want to adjust other things to compensate for the fact that I am shoddy at press ups and pretty good at sit ups, so maybe you would want to do 3 x 25 press ups instead of 3 x 15 and the sit ups in sets of 20 instead of in a row etc...


Run to Gym (1 mile)

Intervals of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minutes with equal period recovery (rower or x-trainer)

Burpees, Descending sets from 10

1 x 60 sit ups
3 x 10 oblique crunches (each side)
3 x 10 crunches
3 x 20 dorsal raises

3 x 10 Weighted Squats

1 x Max Pull Ups

1 x Max PressUps


Run to Gym (1 mile)

5 x 4 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery (rower or x-trainer)

3 x 15 press ups
10 diamond press ups
10 wide arm press ups
3 x 10 Tricep dips
3 x 10 shoulder press

1 x Max Pull Ups


Run to Gym (1 mile)

5 min warm up + 30 mins steady at HR 80% (x-trainer, rower or bike)

Burpees, Descending Sets from 10

3 x max pull ups
3 x max horizontal pull ups
3 x 10 Lat Pull Down
3 x 10 Bicep curls


20 x hill repeats (approx 40m, moderately steep, sprint up, walk down)

1 x 60 sit ups
3 x 10 oblique crunches (each side)
3 x 10 crunches
3 x 20 dorsal raises

3 x 10 bodyweight squats

1 x Max PressUps

Friday: (Easy Day / Test Day)

30 mins Easy Swim or Cycle

1 x Max PressUps


Bleep Test
Press ups in 2 min
Sit ups in 2 min
Max Pull Ups

If using Friday as a Test Day, take Thursday as a rest day.


4+ Mile Hilly Run


Rest and Stretch
yeh, I like changing the routine often, so I'll give that a bash myself, I don't believe routines should be the same for everyone as we are all different, but if it works for you, then stick with it.

add some skipping in your training for something different, can be just as intense as running, I do about 10 mins skipping as part of warm up, then another 10-15 mins skip at the end - as fast as you can do.

add a few more squats/dead lifts etc... for your legs, thighs, calfs as working your legs can actually help testosterone flow, so your see the benefit after awhile in all your other muscles etc...

I would definately add another rest day, to help you repair and improve, although depends on the individual I suppose, but worth considering.

btw, I'm no fitness guru, just know what works for me.
Uber Soldat, let me know how it works out for you. Yes I am also an advocate of mixing up training programs. I usually do it in 2 month blocks then change things up to shock my body into something new and also prevent boredom. Also its good to get rid of the bits you found not to be so effective and have more of the bits that are...

I was thinking of an extra rest day but I am in my final 6 weeks before AOSB(B) and I have quite a lot of improvement to go so I am thinking stick with this and train very hard for 4 weeks then taper it down for the last two so I am totally fresh for test day..

Hope it works lol!



Kit Reviewer
Poofs, drink like a fish and pull it out of the bag on the day.

(Or go for a few long runs with some sprints in, hadn't run any real distance since tough guy and managed to rack up an 18miler yesterday, and i'm walking fine today! It's all about the long distance)
lucky for u im doing 40-50 hours a weeks at a butchers which is hell so i just try and run when i can and its all mixed hours. got basic in march, lucky for some

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