A Touching Tale

In these troubled times, here's something to melt even the stoniest of hearts:

Britain's Oldest Newlyweds

As I read the article, it set me to thinking. Although I'm definately starting to get a bit long in the tooth, I'm nowhere near as old as this couple; nor do I have any intention of getting remarried after getting divorced a couple of years ago. However, should I decide to take the plunge again when I'm as old as them, a couple of things have been on my mind:

Will I still be allowed (or able) to kick her back doors in?
Will she take her teeth out before she noshes me off and, if she does, is it better than a nosh off of a bird with her own set?

Given the level and scope of depravity I see on here every day, I feel confident that someone will be able to set me right from their own experience...
Bullet Sponge said:
Can't be arsed reading it, just tell me what they were touching and whether it was in public.....
Well, I saw a clip of them on the news a couple of days ago and she looked like she was pulling him off just out of the FOV of the camera. It could just have been the Parkinsons though...

That's prompted me for another thing to add to my couple of questions above. What about Alzheimers? Do you forget what you're doing mid-sh@g and wander off to read the paper or something?
Maybe she'll forget that she's just had her back doors smashed in, and still get on all 4s to suck the old fella off?


Book Reviewer
Noshing without the 'set' in is a deffo winner, plus the parkinsons, and even better with alzeimers. Life just gets better with old age apparently.

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