A touch of overkill?

I know that Western Leaders perceive themselves to be at a higher risk of terrorist activity then ever before, but isn't this just a tad OTT?

"Scotland is home to many fine regiments of the British Army (or rather it used to be before the MoD amalgamated them all...) - among them the Black Watch, who led the assault on Basra and helped secure and pacify the south of Iraq with slightly more success than US troops have been having elsewhere. Scotland is also home to several airbases chock full of the latest high-tech weoponry, staffed by highly competent aircrew. Not only that, the UK is one of the US's staunchest allies and Scotland in particular is rightly proud of its historic links to America.

So when self-styled "leader of the free world" G W Bush arrives on these shores in a few weeks to meet up with the rest of our capitalist overlords at the G8 summit at Gleneagles, he should be feeling fairly relaxed, secure in the knowledge that he's in a friendly country with an extremely professional, highly trained fighting force watching his back, protecting him from the hordes of unwashed kilted "trrrsts" lurking in the Perthshire hillsides, waiting for the perfect moment to bring the decadent West to its knees.

But no. Mr Bush is apparently not happy with the arrangements made for his safety and is not only bringing his own limousines and helicopters to ferry him around, he's bringing a whole aircraft carrier, with a battle group of US marines on board, just in case they need to … what, exactly? Invade Auchterarder?

My advice to the good citizens of Auchterarder is to put aside their fears of crusty protestors smashing up the local tea-shops and start making plans to avoid being shot up by gung-ho marines whose idea of precision warfare is to blast away whole city blocks with tanks, then mop up any survivors with heavy machine-gun fire.

I recommend draping their houses in huge US flags and spray-painting their cars in the stars and stripes. Also learning the Texan for "don’t shoot, we're on your side". With a carrier-load of helicopter gunships and trigger-happy marines lurking offshore, you can't be too careful."

Is HMS Conqueror still around?
At a guess, I would say that the Carrier was probably going to be there anyway, doing JMC off the northwest coast.
come on lads you've got to love the bumbling buffoon, i'd pay to meet him, he's totally fcuking nuts but got character
I take offense to the "trigger happy Marines," comment. Like it or not, US Marines are highly well trained; not trigger happy.
Unless your an un-armed, injured arab laying on the floor of a bombed out mosque.:)

But I'd probably have shot him myself, given the situation.
Phil306 said:
I take offense to the "trigger happy Marines," comment. Like it or not, US Marines are highly well trained; not trigger happy.
:lol: :lol: :lol: is all I can say to your remark, all yanks are trigger happy, the only thing they are good for is nicking kit from.

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