A Tory Government to Put up Beer by 7p?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Floated by Boy Dave on Sunday AM

    Reported by this BBC article

    Although the article then says that Cameron might not take up the tax increase quoting

  2. Well we know ALL politicians are lying barstewards anyway so it will of increased to 10p by the time THEY WIN the next election.
    More importantly Does it say how long they think it will take to get the country out of this mess bLiar as caused and what they will do about fcuking us in the forces about with non stop tours. Just waiting to see all those millions Brown has been tuckng away over the years to enhance him when he came to power for this short period before he tries to win votes for the election.
    Just wondering Sven is this your concern for poor alcoholics that got you to write this thread or your attack the opposition head on today :?
  3. Sixty

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    I suspect it was his 'this is on the news and I think it should be discussed' head, Iron. Entirely fair enough.

    Will never happen though as it's electoral nonsense to treat everyone who drinks a pint as an alcohol abuser at the moment.

    Having said that, smokers are treated as pariahs and should alcohol ever fall from grace we might see punitive taxation too.
  4. Radical new plan, stop alcohol abuse by banning alcohol from all public houses, restaurants and in the home. Alcohol is only allowed in open areas, such as park benches, bus shelters and outside old peoples homes. And they say the youth of today don't think about the future, they've already worked it out!
  5. First, I am not sold on the idea of there being a new Binge Drinking culture - on Wednesday I saw several ex and serving soldiers drink their way into the following morning (one of them, a certain old man with beard and political ambitions wanted to lay down in the hotel gardens but was helped on His way by His fellows - thanks Glasgae, Ginge) and I remember many many comrades throwing it down our young necks when we were the age of the lads and lasses today. Why are they suffering the results of over indulgence and we did not?

    Given that, is there a need to wack taxes up, and is it going to be in conjunction with other campaigns - advertising, help to give up etc. Most importantly are they similarly going to heavily tax top of the range wines and liquors, vintage ports etc.

    If a tax is needed to correct behavior, will it be in isolation and will it hit all of society relatively
  6. A nice piece of social engineering. Legislate for all day opening under the guise of encouraging a 'Cafe Culture', then demonise it as a 'social problem' when the natural and probable consequences of more freely available alcohol come on stream. Having accomplished that, take advantage of a greatly expanded revenue-base by increasing the tax on it to compensate for a gradual decrease in tobacco revenue under the guise of 'ring-fenced' funding that will, in fact, be directed straight to the Treasury.

    Works well with 'TV Licencing', Road fund' licencing' and 'National Insurance Contributions' all are labels given to the revenue-raising process in which funding is directed straight into the treasury and allocated according to government spending priorities which have little to do with the labels attached to the source.

    Try, for example, to obtain a figure from the Treasury on the amount collected from every household in TV Licencing and then try to obtain from the BBC the amount it actually receives from the Treasury!

    You will not be able to do it!

    Moreover, your MP will not be allowed to raise the issue in Parliament!

    Try it!

    The purpose of the game is to elicit the public's temporal acceptance of the requirement by disguising the totality of the individual tax-burden both on income and expenditure.

    I do not think the inevitable raising of taxation on alcohol may be regarded as something that may be attributed to webcameron. It would have happened in any event.
  7. I think your naivety is touching. An average of 3 13 year olds get admitted to A&E every day for alcohol poisoning, more than half of 15 year olds binge drink regularly and the most recent piece of research amongst 11 year olds showed that halfof them had had up to 10 units of alcohol the week before (that's a bottle of wine, or 10 shots of vodka or 4 pints of beer).

    Most children are given alcohol by their parents or older siblings and 22% of under 16 year olds who binge drink also have sex. Britain has one of the highest rates of child drinking and teenage pregnancies in Europe.

    It takes 10 years hard drinking to get irreversible liver damage and the evidence now shows this is starting at below 15 years old. When these kids are supposed to be at their most economically active (30 - 40 years old) they will be suffering and dying from unprecedented levels of cancer, liver disease, heart disease and diabetes........ and it's their taxes who will be keeping the likes of you and me in our old age.

    Need me to go on? The Govt will achieve little by putting up the cost of alcohol in pubs and clubs - it needs to stop supermarkets selling alcohol like cereal and bin liners.

    It also needs to hunt down and prosecute parents who give their kids £20 and dump them on their local community to stay out with their mates - and then clear off down the pub to have an uninterrupted evening without the inconvenience of looking after their own teenagers.
  8. The extra revenue generated is to be used for drug rehab.

    Nice vote winner i'm sure!
  9. Having just left school and about to join the world of lazy unwashed student c**ts, I have to say the figures in these surveys they give are probably wildly innacurate. Either that or there or other people are having a damn sight more fun than I did at 13!!

    But seriously.............. The idea that people go down the pub on a friday night and pour the beer down their necks until it comes back up again is a long-standing British tradition spanning hundreds of years. Nothing new.
  10. As it's the "Yoof" who in the main binge drink [witness any town centre on a week end], I think a tax would be a good idea related to age. The younger one is the more one should pay. A winner all round as far as I'm concerned.
  11. You could trick the under age drinkers by saying U18's dont need to pay the extra tax, most of them would be that stupid and then get chucked out :twisted:
    Would i be in the old codger bracket, how much would my tax be :?
  12. In the interests of balance I feel I must point out that

  13. Iolis, your consistent belief that every fcuk-up of governemnt is part of a vast conspiracy is, I think, too much of a backhanded compliment to our politicos...

    Ultimately, the British people have always been drunkards- fact. The ancient Greeks were shocked at how many hot red-haired Celts they could get in exchange for cheap plonk. Ditto every foreign commentator on us until long past the age of Hogarth and Gin Lane. If any of us could travel back to Victorian London, we'd see a world of rampant drunkenness, random street violence and mass prostitution. Any piddling effect by here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians to alter our national character by adding extra taxes on booze- even to Scando levels- is doomed to failure.

    The only sensible policy would be to regulate the number of chairs available per bar/pub- sounds odd, but by tempering the chavvy booze factories, we'd encourage more social drinking.
  14. I'm with Iolis on this one; stand by for a massive increase in gambling taxes/duty when that little experiment reaches fruition. As for the idea that chav scum who drink themselves to death by the age of 30 are the future wealth providers of our once proud nation... :roll:
  15. Roll on prohibition, then I can go for a pint in a speakeasy and smoke my lungs out as well.