A timely reminder...

Fu*k!!!! 8O

Was going to crack a funny about giving her one but can't bring myself to do it, drives the point home...

Cheers eagle trashed my night
OMG poor poor baby

There is a powerful reason never to do it. They should put that on at Christmas
I did d+D once and got caught - thankfully no-one got injured. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Please, look at the pictures and think of the damage you might cause.

Not everyone is as lucky as me - it only cost me my career.......no personal injury, no other people unlucky enough to get caught in my stupidity. DON'T DO IT!!!!


i never drink and drive , fortunately the bus services round here (liverpool) (london have them too dunno about everywhere else) is very good , on friday and saturdays the nite buses runs til 5 in the morning, thus removig any temptation for anybody think of saving on taxi money by driving home on a nite out the bus fare is only £2.50p,
i think as a matter of public safety nite buses should be encouraged all over the UK also pub hours should be deregulated so that there is no binge drinking and fewer people on the street at any one time ,making it easier to get taxis,buses and more relaxed atmosphere.

instead of everybody on the streets at 2am in the morning and fighting over taxis, police, driving home to avoid taxi queue, busyt coppers chasing drink driver , street fights at the mad hour of 2am .

there will be fewer victims of drink drivers .
I can't say that I have D&D'd but in my late teens and early twenties I certainly got into a car with someone over the limit. The journey home was only a mile or so, but it was through narrow streets with parked cars and others going home. It gives a chill down my spine to think how nearly it could have ended in grief.
Wonders who I can contact to ask permission to use it as a D and D lecture in the run up to the xmas period. Very powerful and would be a good aide to point out the dangers and how stupid drinking and driving is.
There is a open letter written by a Doctor from Ipswich General Hospital discribing what happens on arriving at a crash site. I would have posted it here but some thieving gypsy borrowed it permanantly. When I manage to get another copy will post it here for anyone to use.
Poor Cow, haunting images they should use something like that over here in a national campaign.
HFTrog, I think you can assume that if it's on the web, and unless stated otherwise, it's 'public domain'.

Besides, you'll be using it for the same reason it was posted on the net, to try and prevent drinking and driving.

But please don't bother showing it to me, I've seen it and it spooks me! :roll:

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