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A time of order and beauty....

What next , the Joy Division? Torchlit rallies?

Never mind a coup here, I think we need to sack the White House again.

This is incredible, round up all the people who volunteered for registration, and whack them into chokey. I knew this would bloody happen, after I saw the look on the Muppets face, when he signed the Homeland Defence Bill. How many terrorists do you think you got in that lot Dubya? Let me help you with the answer,  ZIPPO,NADA,NONE. A terrorist isn't going to register himself with the authorities, or did that evil bitch Rice, or Ernst Stavros Rumsfeld not tell you that?

I'm looking through a glass darkly here......

Here Eagle, I don't suppose you could do a US flag wiv 50 swatstikas in place of the Stars could you?  ;D

(Call-In Group 1, Federal Register Notice – November 6, 2002)
 If you are a national or citizen of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, or Syria and were
inspected by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and last admitted to the
United States as a nonimmigrant on or before September 10, 2002; and
 If you are a male, born on or before November 15, 1986; and
 If you did not apply for asylum on or before November 6, 2002, or if you are not
otherwise exempt as described in the attached questions and answers; and
 If you will be in the United States at least until December 16, 2002.
1. You must come to a designated INS office to be registered (photographed,
fingerprinted, and interviewed under oath) between November 15 and
December 16, 2002.
2. If you remain in the United States for more than 1 additional year, you must
report back to a designated INS office within 10 days of the anniversary of the
date on which you first registered. For example, if you were registered
November 20, 2002, you would report back between November 10 and
November 30, 2003.
3. If you change your address, employment, or educational institution, you must
notify the INS in writing within 10 days of the change, using Form AR-11 SR.
4. If you leave the United States, you must appear in person before an INS
inspecting officer at one of the designated ports and leave the United States
from that port on the same day.
If you do not follow these procedures, you may be considered to be out of status
and deportable. You may be subject to arrest, detention, fines and/or removal
from the United States. Any future application for an immigration benefit from the
United States may be adversely impacted. If you do not properly exit through a
designated port, any future attempts to reenter the United States may be
impacted. Decisions will be made on an individual basis, depending on the
circumstances of each case.
November 26, 2002

Alles in ordnung............... :-/


War Hero
Hate to point it out,

but women are also part of terror organisations - the palestinians seem to be doing an xmas special in pregnant suicide bombers!


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