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Following lots of mis-representation in the tabloids/media and BBC. The BNP should be researched open mindedly and honestly. Then given our vote in the forthcomming elections.Please see link below
I agree with some of their policies (not the inherently racisit ones I MUST ADD)

but they are still based on an covert racist agenda.

No vote from me.

Sigsstab, is this a topic you have posted for discussion, or do you believe the policies of the BNP are in fact right, fair and just?

Just asking before I uncage the big red button.
PTP - you aren't about to delete yet another thread, just because it doesn't fit into your worldview, are you?

Well I never... :wink:
Not a fcuking chance would I ever vote for that bunch of idiots. However They did come 3rd in Oldham west at the last election
I am very in favour of not only BNP policies but a BNP government.
The BNP are not racist's. By that i mean, the definition of a racist is someone who hates another because of their race.
The BNP do not. By placing this post i am attempting to achieve two things.
1. Gauge peoples knowledge of the BNP and what it really stands for.Or to see if the people of this nation have truely been affected by all the negative press the party receives
2. The poll- To see what service personel make of the BNP and to see what kind of support the BNP generally has within the forces come election time.
Hmmm...good luck Sig Bloke, but I suspect that the vast majority of ARRSErs can make their own (highly cynical) minds up about such things, regardless of what 'truths' you might care to deliver.
PTP, not to step on your shiny MOD shoes, but i think you should allow this to run, unless/until it turns into a blatant racist thread.

As for my views on the BNP, i agree their policies are not racist per say (Because they dont discriminate against one individual religion/faith ethnic group), they just want to get rid of anyone who is not British (thats another can of worms!).

However, i suspect that this is driven by a racisit agenda.

No far from it Calypso.

I was happy to delete everything wriiten by 1690 on the subject, and that other t wat who wanted people to join the BNP 'Alte Kamaraden" association.

If sigstab wants a time of 'Order and Beauty" then by all means it's a free country (just about) and he can vote for whomsoever he wants.

I will be creating a specific 'Why vote for a particular party'thread, or even requesting a specific political 'Why vote for?'forum in the coming days.

In the interim, Sigstab can continue to amuse.

Should that not be Siegstab?
MOD your quite wrong. Its not a free country. The very fact we may begin to converse, on some of the subject matter the BNP stand for, is enough to have us locked up. See the incitement to religious hatered act.
Open your mind and don't just think what liberal society tells you to think.Investigate for your self and make a reasoned judgement. :wink:
Gosh sigstab , do you think I haven't 'investigated'?

The BNP invited that 'Grande sac du merde' Le Pen here . That's enough for me. A poltical party that willingly seeks co-operation with the French, never mind Le Pen's other nasty little foibles.

I disagree that they are not racist since they wrap themselves in anti-immigrant anti-Europe flag, there is one problem the determination of immigrate status stems from the colour of skin rather than where they are from

I am second generation immigrate (white) my wife is an immigrant (white)
My brother also married to an immigrant (both white)

Are we to be deport because we are immigrants, or are we deported because we are lazy good for nothings.

Is my father deported because he used the UK education system and health service.

Yes basically if the BNP are anti-immigrant

No, if they are racist

But what about my mate is second generation immigrate (Pakistani and his family)

I assume yes and yes...

BNP are bullsh1t org. I'm serving Queen and Country, my wife is a Nurse, my brother is an accountant his wife is a PA, My father is a Doctor and Asian mate is Financial Director of a FTSE 250 company.

Put simply what we have taken all that has been offered by this lovely open welcoming country but we collectively put a lot more back into the economy that those ****ing Northern Tossers who like to vote BNP and won't re-educate themselves or move to find work or accept a crap job because it is better than none.


Oh sorry forgot, did I not mention my Grandfather Capt RAMC decorated for valour on D-Day and duties performed in FY and post war Berlin. Further sinbce I don't speak Czech, I'll have an interesting experience if they return me to my home!

Rant Over
The concept of a Party that represents everything my Father put on a uniform to fight against Sigstab.

What is the position of the party on Men and women 'of colour' in the British Armed Forces?

Here is something for you to investigate.

1. Will the BNP disband the Gurkha regiments?
2. Will the BNP stop pension payments to 'tinted' recipients?
3. Will the BNP remove the names from War memorials, of people who are not white?
4. Will the BNP 'Manning control' all non-white servicemen and women?

I'd like to hear the answers to those questions first , as they are of the most relevance to this forum.
If the BNP are against non-Brits (and aren't racists per se), does that mean that they will eject the Royal Family as well, on the grounds of being German/Greek in origin, and not being passport holders?
Just surprised at PTP slagging the BNP for its love fest with Le Pen - it's his party that wants us to become a province of a country called Europe (dominated by France and Germany).

BNP are less Nazi than labour - they would gas the middle classes if they could.
Nononononono Sandy_B (Welcome back by the way) that is 'Old new liberalism'

There were some very surprising comments made by Charlie Krankie at conference last weekend, prompted by the re-emergence of the Right wing of the party. Yes we do need to be in Europe, we need unfettered access to our closest large market.

However, that doesn't mean we need to take it in the butt from Brussels, which incidentally , we are at the moment.

Anyway, wait till I'm Party Leader, then things will get jumping, don't you worry :D

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