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A throbber

Sirs, Ma'ams, those pert Female Officers I love to salute.

We have just been verbally assaulted in Chat by a creature called "Firish". Now, the consensus is that its a wah, but just in case it isn't, I had a flash of brilliance that I could get the little cunt traced.

Firish appears to think that degree = Officer, and that NCO's and Privates/Sappers/Sigs etc don't have the intelligence to do them. He also seems to think that rocking up on Day 1, Week 1 at his troop, assuming he passes RCB, with the attitude of "I'm the fucking boss" will work wonders with .

He's an absolute throbber, and I thought I'd brief those of you with RCB (or whatever its called this week) connections to keep an eye out :D. His attitude stinks, asking the like of PTP and other denizens of Chat will confirm this.

1) He's Half Irish, Half Finnish.
2) Studying for a masters in Law
3) Got a 2:1 Degree
4) Seems to think he can be an Officer in 18 months, possibly fits in with DETAPO.
5) Appears to be applying for 3MI with his current rant.

Gentlemen, Sirs, Ladies, Pert young female subbies, thankyou for your time.
No doubt he'll get found out by a good man at RMAS if he makes it through. If he's a genuine tit the factory will either cleanse him or ship him off to somewhere where he can do no harm.
I hope.
Half Irish half Finnish and he wants to join the BRITISH army?

Soulds like a grade a knob jockey who's going to drink many a cup of tea mit knobcheese if he ever gets through westbury!
Oh.....? Nice one Spicey.

Why not recomend he joins a real unit - SF type, maybe the HAC! Then he could hang out with all his cnuty lawyer mates.
Sounds like a right tw*nt. I trust the DS at the AOSB to make the right decision...If for some reason he slips through with his thumb up his arrse then if the DS at RMAS don't sort him out then his platoon mates surely will...
Thinks that degree = officer ?
Thinks that ORs can't have them ?
Thinks he'll pass selection for 3 MI with that attitude ?

That's three mistakes in one, give the man a prize.

Besides, only one law degree ? We've got LCpls better qualified than that. I did engineering myself, a mans degree, none of this poncing round in black dresses and wigs harrumph harrumph rustles paper.

As for 3 MI being real, opinions vary. I'm into my second decade there and I haven't made my mind up yet. Thy cynic would describe Bn as a vehicle to keep the assigned regs busy while the Coys get on and do what they want to.
Half-Irish, half-Finnish?

I'm being serious here, but I think I might know who he is.

Any idea when he's due for RCB/AOSB?

Any more info on him?

I'll have to confirm my suspicions.

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