A Threatened Religion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kes1, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7678123.stm

    Sabian Mandaeans - a religion that is apparently based on pacifism. Should the Government help them build their temple?
  2. fcuk em
  3. No the taxpayer should not pay for their temple and Human Rights Lawyers should be shot.
  4. Yeah, well there ain't too many believers in the Ancient Norse or greek religions left, and no ones campaigning to save them, and they're far more relevant to our culture then this fcuking bollocks, especially with chippy 22 year old know it all future human rights lawyers gobbing off at what they don't understand...
  5. Feck them off. It's not as if they are going to fight back, is it?
  6. Wot he said...
  7. Wow, arrse is clever, it automatically edited b0ll0cks to balls, ain't that some fcuking sh1t?
  8. They have the right to practice their religion. They do not have the right to force everyone else to pay for them to practice their religion.

    I'm the Big Wizard of BZism; can I have a few million for a temple please :roll: In months we'd be solid with random cults wanting cash.
  9. Exactly the responses I was expecting and must admit to being in complete agreement - which then begs the question of why the BBC felt this was even a story worth reporting?

    One of the comments made was about them not being able to build their Mandi because they have no land, I feel I'm not the only person to think they should get off their backsides and buy some land themselves then rather than expecting a handout, based on the arguement put forward by the human rights bloke, because the UK invaded Iraq.
  10. Shouldn't they be campaigning for a Mandi or whatever their prison for god is called, to be built using money seized from the Saddam regime then? Would seem fairer...
  11. If local English churches have to raise their own money for repairing their roofs and the like, why should some flip-flop devil worshipping cult get preferential treatment? In fact why the feck is it even being reported?

    Ah. The BBC. :roll: The epitome of all inclusive, diversity grasping, bottom fondling, out-reaching, disabled access loving cretins.
  12. Perfect answer to that question Flashy! :D
  13. Ah yes, how cunning. Huge financial crisis, government borrowing up so it is obviously time for increased public spending to cushion the blow and clearly the 2012 Olympics will not create enough.

    The surviving Koresh Branch Davidians are still looking for a place after that spot of unpleasantness at Waco so perhaps we could build a place for them as well.