A thread for the Toffees out there.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by MrShanklysboots, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. This Thread is for all that Toffees news and gossip out there.

    Started by a Red, but as my team were given a leg up by the blues when they started I felt it was the least I could do. :D

    So, here it is, a thread for Blues, hopefully by Blues. Take it away and play nice. :D
  2. They're still feeling bitter, Heed. Nonetheless, Everton did play well for most of the season, enough to make their fans' proud. And fifth or sixth in the table would be a magnificent achievement for a small club. :twisted:
  3. One question for the bitter fans

    Is the reason your moving to yet another ground, anything to do with not having the money to pay the rent at hoodison?

    Just a thought, i wondered if history was repeating itself! :p
  4. Now, Now Red Men - Play nice! Its their thread, and we shouldn't crayon all over it before they get a chance to!

    To echo HKP I think wherever everton wind up now it has to be considered a successful season for you.

    Good run in Europe, performed well in the league, size of the squad let you down (again).

    I've said it before, I have a sneaking respect for Gollum. So, whats the plans from the Blue half? What are the views (and I'm sorry to pick at Raw wounds here) on the Kirkby move?

    Where are the blues posting on this thread? :D
  5. Kirkby move has produced the usual cries from the locals but is probably the best alternative that is on offer

    The season has been a good one for us and the performances, esp in Europe have been good.

    Next season may well depend on the quality of the signings in the summer

    EFC probably has one of the better work rates/commitment rates in the Prem IMHO

    LFC might be in trouble if Barca/Manc/Chelsk coming looking for Torres and Gerrard in the Summer amidst the rubble of a board room fracas but then I'm not bothered really, not being a scouser.
  6. Fcuking monkeys, A.C.A.B. and thats civvy or military :D ,
  7. Ok ok, sorry just wound up by TTT...

    In your lots defence, considering your lack of cash, you always seem to manage a relatively good season, and all credit to golem for managing to do that with what he has.

    I often wonder what would happen if you had the same sort of funding the bigger clubs have, although im sure, if you did and managed to get some top class players in, how long before they sold their souls and moved to scumchester? ie shrek.

    I also wonder, how long it will be, before any other clubs manage to break into the top 4, on more than just a one off season basis?

    I just dont see it happening as long as the money rules the game like it does now.
    How long before we have a super premier league?

    Still there is always the derby, the only game worth talking about IMHO

    Although that isnt what it use to be.
  8. Got ya :D
  9. The question I don't get about, say the DIC investment in Liverpool is that the sums being talked about are approx £400m. And that is before any investment in infrastructure and players.

    For £400m you can buy an awful lot of players £70m a year for six years on players would get you into the top four within two years and keep you there until the money runs out.

    Therefore makes more sense to buy EFC for £70m and invest the rest in bringing the club up
  10. Got to agree there Gren.

    Too many classless cunts on both sides fucking up what was once the best Derby in the world.

    It was never the friendly Derby the Meedja would have you believe it was, but it was a shitload better before the rats brought up on a diet of bitterness - on both sides - started rearing their pig ugly heads.

    I have Reds and Blues in my Family. The Blues are all classy and are bringing their kids up that way. With the added bonus that I can give either side a bang without retribution if they start the "Wheresyertroffeeslid" or the "Merederers" Routine.

    Exhibit A Yerronner TiTiT

    As for Reds who fit the profile - fucking hell I'll point you at any of the Jester hat wearing, Easeh chanting whoppers I have to sit with in the Annie Road - when I can get a fucking ticket.

    Anyway - enough Crayon. Whens Kenyon going to sort out some moolah for Gollum to spend?
  11. Hopefully soon, if they don't stump up 2.2m for Pienaar soon his club will sell him to somebody else. Knowing the way they have gone about signings in the past we can wave him goodby, he's a cracking player as well.

    Don't even want to talk about the derby game, this one was bad enough but the absolut shocker that was the goodison game still has me befuddled. Clattenburg just has to be the worse ref ever.

    As for the ground, well its pretty obvious that Liverpool City Council are biased towards the Reds. Not only did they go to great lengths to block our Kings Dock site we were told that nobody could build on Stanley Park yet were is the new Analfield going?
    Frankly I'd rather go the 15 minutes down the road to a place were the land is going for a song and Tesco is going to put up most of the cash. Brand new ground for about £30million to the club? Yes please.

    I can just sit back and watch your Yanks tear the club apart, sack the fat Spanish waiter and force the best players to leave. If they keep on they way they are now it should happen during the close seasion.
  12. Can you give them a ring and remind them of that? They've spent years trying to force us to groundshare with your lot.

    From the distant memories of that, didn't it get cancelled because you couldn't afford it?
  13. Let me just say well done on capturing fourth place i can see it means a lot to you what with fourth being the new first as the season progressed :p You do deserve it as Everton have been playing awful since getting knocked out of the uefa.And if DIC take over can we have benayoun being jewish he wont be welcome there anymore :D

  14. Yes, because LCC kept putting the price of the land up, and adding restrictions as to what w could do with it.
  15. Great new ground for the Bitters, fantastic catering, clean toilets, 3 hours free parking, good value and they make a profit. A winner surely.

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