A thread for Peter Dow Disciple and Afghan Khandak

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by weekend_worrier, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Dear PPD and AK,

    I can't help noticing a few things about you both. You keep propping up in NAAFI bar threads and derailing them. Both of you have quite a bit in common, in that you're both pretty 'special', you are both motivated by obscure bigotries, and you both have a bit of the Walter Mitty about you - PDD with his 'tomorrow belongs to me' schtik, and AK with his fond belief that he can pose as the only Afghan Pashtun who's also a rabid Russian nationalist.

    Anyway, I thought I'd set this thread up for you so that you can either have a go at each other, and them PM to arrange a scrap, or that you'd discover deep homosexual longings for each other and hook up. It's legal, btw, although in certain parts of Pashtunistan there has to be a thirty year age gap between the buggerer and the buggeree.

    So, here's your thread, all for you. And kindly leave the rest of us alone.


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  2. Have they been picking on you? Would you like a cuddle.
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  3. I think you might find that PDD has already been binned, and that, for all the annoyance he causes you, AK seems to have moderator-like powers of endurance.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    thats cos AK is extra speshul.

    - and he'll sell you a white woman if you ask him nicely, he's got a cellar full of em so wont miss one or two :)
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  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    dont worry I'm sure baby jebus has plans for AK, his new haircut and goat julie (who has to wear an afro now since AK decided he fancies ovine pursuits).
  6. All of them.
  7. AK seems to have a multi personality problem, it is also a bit puzzling why he writes pidgin Englishin one thread and quite good English in another. I suspect that he is indeed a wind up. Make we ought to keep him in a cyber cage and let him out now and then for amusement.
  8. Thats how it started with that Norwegian nutcase, the other Norwegian boys wouldn't play with him, they wouldn't share their fishheads with him and they laughed at his big wooly mummyknit pullover!

    I think you're just like Hitler!

    Godwined and gone!

  9. I've suspected this for some time myself, he's probably another poster, having fits of giggles at the abuse and outrage he can generate.....
  11. Yes it's been a good wind up but overplayed their hand a bit recently, not to mention they also suddenly have an arrse type SOH one day but it's gone the next. There are probably 2 or 3 different people playing with this particular sockpuppet.

    I was in the chat room for the first time Saturday night and AK was there then PDD arrived and AK left ostensibly to go to the gym at 2230 on a Saturday night, coincedence?
  14. Since its in the NAAFI bar I feel I should be open about this thread starter called Weekend. Firstly, I have owned his ass a couple of times on the thread "Is AK a wind up" he couldnt even respond to my responses, so he fucked off like a outkast coyote with a limping leg, now to lick his wounds, hes opened up this stupid thread which will result in Mexican wet wankers like Weekend to bring me back into the spotlight, and the usual accusations of me being a attention seeker.

    If you guys actually put the effort in to speak to me through PM, on forum or on the chatroom just like how Zero has and others, then maybe you will realise I am the goat shagging Afghan fuckwit who use to indulge in gunbattles, in the middle of a fuckin forest with 6ft deep of snow for shitty pay....as for going to the gym late at night, I feel shy, I got hairy legs, its that a good reason to satisfy you cunts out there.

    Also regarding I left the chatroom when Peter came in,because the cunt always has something deluded to say about me or my views, should someone take a deluded fuckwit like him seriously who calls for the genocide of Iranian women and children, calls me a terrorist and then gets his ass banned for his supramacist views.

    Yes I speak to the MOD's on here, and I guarantee you all, I am who I am. As a matter of fact, I am tolarant and open minded to everyone here, with the amount of Islam Bashing we do on here, including myself being part of it, any newbie would have fucked up pulling up the racism card, I thank the members on here for helping me develop a sense of humor and I am in process of getting my degree in taking and giving banter.

    I beg of you Mr weekend binger, call me a sandal wearing goat shagging pyjama wearing terrorist, but do not associate me with fuckwits like Peter and please no more threads with my name.
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