A Thorough Disgrace...................

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by K9-Soldier, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. As an ex member of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps I feel thoughly ashamed to read in the local paper that the kennels have been refused certification on the grounds of " Deteriorating Conditions".

    For those that have been on courses you will understand that the place is a tip, built in the wrong area and has been so since the early 1960's. The dog school is the poor relation to the "Horse set" and comes a very poor second in the finance stakes. It is very easy for the Corps to spend many thousands of pounds on indoor riding schools which HRH PA can open but not spend a similar amount on the canine section. Which is more important.....an AES dog or similar in the Stan or riding a horse around Hyde Park ??.

    War dogs are playing a major roll in current ops and should receive a fair and just reward in warm dry kennels, good food and first class veterinary treatment when needed. The kennels are far from dry and in many cases are rotten, dirty and the dogs lacking excercise ,grooming and on Public Holidays and weekends given the very basic of care with long periods locked in kennels.

    Handlers and dog trainers expect some respect so lets give our canine colleagues some......

    Leicester Mercury item...........

  2. From the article

    So a dispute between a civi company and the MOD/treasury. What are the chances that somewhere someone fecked up on the contract?
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I'd bet a million pounds against a pinch of sh1t. That is I would do if I had a million pounds. Or had any need for a pinch of sh1t.
  4. I would gladly help out to re-build/improve the facility. We have enough skills in the forces and support from suppliers (you may have to dig a bit to find them)...Why the H€ll are we so constricted by budgeteers, legislation etc that we can't even lay a few square meters of concrete and put up some fencing (I know that is a bit too simplistic). The troops construct kilometers of defences and accn in the most unpleasant places on this planet, but can't even built a shaggin swing in a UK playground without some twonk in a suit telling us NO.

    Anyone else for a self-help programme??
  5. I've thought the same thing for years.