A Theme Tune For Arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Now half way down my bottle of single malt... it occurrrrrrred to me that we need a theme tunezzzz. Oh yes we do...

    My first.... koruzzz or verzzz... join in... sing alon and write your own versezz...

    I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.

    There'll always be an arrse site - while there's a troll to flame
    Wherever there's a point to trash besides a ffucked up brain
    There'll always be an arrsehole - while there's a thread to claim
    Wherever there's a incident for all to laugh and shame
  2. ooh ooh please can we have the theme from Hawaii 50.

    or for the pervs out there what about Rawhide.
  3. A bit Septic... I'm thinking something British... perhaps the theme music from the Archers... but due to the power of cleavage and Scotch, or cleavage and cleavage... I could soon agree to anything... ok I give in.
  4. The A team....A for Arsse!
  5. All the best theme tunes are septic, can you really see the members of arrse mincing along to the Archers or the theme tune to emmerdale?
    Although the theme to the sweeney might just work.
  6. Ride of the Valkyries!!!
  7. always look on the bright side of life by monty pytho! ! ! ! !! !
  8. Nice one, centurion!
  9. or how about something from the Lighthouse Family? give us an excuse to beat the sh1t outta people for taking the p1ss.
  10. The Naafi Bar's for grown-ups, a few whippersnappers too
    Don't show it to your family, what will they think of you?
    No-one likes a walt, especially guys like Lerch
    They look like fecking schoolgirls, who ought to be in church!

    Neeeext :oops:
  11. I agree.. perhaps I was a little hasty in drossing our lesser septic cousins... am just about to walk home from the office... whilst whistling Blazing Saddles... naturally I will kill any chavs I bump into along the way. Will log back in soon. Love that cleavage avatar thing... :wink: