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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Corporal, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Yesterday, I made a comment in a thread that I had gotten "43 PMs with the traditional British greeting "Why don't you fcuk off?".

    To the 11 members who wrote to me during the night and actually asked me 'Why don't you fcuk off?", I thank you. :D

    An extra big thanks to The Lord Flasheart, who of course was the very first to extend his warm greeting. :lol:

    Chavs and tossers, the lot of you! :wink:
  2. Yeah but - Why DONT you just fuck off?

    Only kidding.

  3. soon you will end up wanting to be a brit and start flying the Union Flag :D

  4. N E V E R !
  5. And a jolly hearty welcome to the fine colonial fellow!!!! :lol:
  6. Liar. i heard you already drink tea.

  7. show us your teeth!!
  8. My teeth are too straight and white to be British, only tea I drink is iced tea, and even the Royal Marines want to be US Marines.

  9. arent they what we would call 'cross dressers'?
    or is it simply a case of Brits not having the right kit for the job (again)

    and by the way, youre more than welcome to them. :D
  10. Take a close look at the State flag of Hawaii........ and keep humming "My Country, 'tis of thee".

    :) :)

  11. Cpl you know I love you.

    You tit. xxxx
  12. Just remember, sonny, that the only reason you know those words is that we taught them to you :twisted: Just think how empty your life would be without us to teach you words with which to express yourself so succinctly. We made you the well-rounded, strong man you are today, despite the best efforts of the USMC :lol:

    At ease, marine
    SIR SIR YES SIR SIR :twisted:

    Also remember that we gave you The Slug, without whom your life would be incomplete.
  13. Make that 12 :wink:
  14. 13

    God bless you stoat x
    and all who sail in you.
  15. They are jealous Corp, i don't want you to f*ck off, i'd like you to f*ck a Shetland Pony over a picnic table and take pictures.

    Beebs :roll: