A test of willpower

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by WolvoExPunk, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. See if you can watch this without laughing. I just failed. Can you do any better? Good luck.

    Pimp vs Karate - YouTube
  2. Pimp Slap - YouTube

    this is another old one but a good un

    its the proper way to sort your bitches out
  3. He's ex mob from what I've heard.

    I've come across the rat in question through from my security days in the 'pool. He aint a scouser, he's from Huyton. I threw him out of a club after he got battered senseless by some nerd type he was harassing.
  4. Can't watch this without letting go a small chortle.

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  5. you should have given the scrawny **** some face rash too !!!!
  6. Apparently the bloke was an ex sapper, jap slapper or not if he's been anywhere an arduous course ill eat my sizable penis, the fat ****.

    Dealt with him very nicely though, the wheelie bin being bashed about had me giggling but moreso at the chap who shuts his gate for him after silly bollocks has run off :)

    The lad also had something to do with a bit of incest or something with an animal at some point.