A terrifyingly graphic despatch from the Afghan frontline

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Three dead and inspiring commander seriously wounded: A terrifyingly graphic despatch from the Afghan frontline
    They caught us out in the open, some way from cover and at almost point-blank range. But for their poor marksmanship, that would have been that.

    We were in the front section of six men, half-way across a ploughed field, when automatic fire from at least two Taliban fighters about 80 yards to our front right came crackling past us.

    'Go firm!' someone shouted, meaning that we should get down immediately. Then, a heartbeat later, with our noses in the dust and the crackle intensifying: 'We can't stay here. Get to cover, move, move, move!'
    More on the link

  2. Mmmm very gripping, stirred my blood! Then I remembered my knackered knees, bad back and piles, those days are long over for me. But good luck to the lads, they are doing a cracking job! That cu nt Broon and his cronies should be made to spend a day or two like that.
  3. With fighting like that taking place but the budget of an air cadets adventure training exercise I would suggest that this summer will set the pace for the future of the operation. With a change in government on its way All parties need to start thinking about an Afghan solution as I think its going to be very much on the agenda.

    Best of luck to the lads still putting up with that sh1t. With these kind of tours to "Look forward" to when the powers that be don't give a sh1t I find it remarkable that we still have an armed forces.
  4. Good to see that there are some journo's / newspapers still ensuring this stays in public eye, with detail that hopefully causes Joe Public to think about what is going on for the guys over there.
  5. This is exactly the kind of reporting that is needed, gritty from the heart stuff.................joe public needs badly to start to understand what we the armed forces are facing and dealing with.There will be alot of young men with big problems kicking about the country at this rate and this kind of reporting will open a little window to to at least start people trying to understand what we have delt with. Great article and may many more come.
  6. When you read stuff like this and see the photo's it really does bring home what our people are going through out there. No wonder ' Them ' cannot get any to try out,these young people are doing more in a week then thousands of us got to do over years in the forces.

  7. Nice one lads, kinda makes me wish i joined infantry instead of "having a brain, and get a trade" bollocks.
  8. I agree this is one of the best reports I have read regarding the tempo of fighting in Afghanistan. It really shows what the boys are up against. The more of these we have the safer will be the funding for the Afghan campaign. The last thing they need in a campaign of this intensity is to be starved of funds even more.
  9. Very moving, the 'Old and the Bold' still have a lot to learn from these guys. I never used to think that the 'youth' of today could cut it if it ever came to another war. I am humbled and not too proud to admit I was wrong.

    God bless fella's

  10. Oh to be young again.
  11. Cracking report. Sounded authentic.
  12. Seconded , seems to be a good report , not sure I'd want to be the unarmed reporter .

    Stay safe fella's , our hearts are with you .
  13. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Proper reports like this should be seen by far wider an audience, it brings home what a job we've asked our guys/gals to do out there.
  14. Seconded! :crying:
  15. Quite an amazing article and humbling to read. Fair play to the Daily Mail journalist and photographer and the greatest of respect to those on the ground in the thick of it.