A tempting offer!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by airbornestorm, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Give me a sec while i stop laughing!!!

    Fine now.

    Just been approached while at work by a middle-aged guy in a desert cbt jacket. Nothing unusual there until he speaks. And I quote.
    "I hear that you used to be in the Army"
    I replied "Did some time"
    He then goes on to say:
    "Well i am a lance jack in the TA. Tell you what, if you want to come along tonight i will make sure you are looked after. If you get in i can get you in my section and take you under my wing. Teach you the ropes so to speak!"

    I replied by saying that i would think about it. He then wanders off after giving me a knowing wink.

    My colleague (ex RGJ) then approaches me and tells me that this guy spends his wages every month on kit!! Has never been a reg, and has been in the TA for 9 years and is still a LCPL.

    WHAT A CNUT!!!

    That has made my day.
  2. Years ago at Nescliffe trg camp I remember a fat TA twatt like that who had all the kit including an old set of body armour, with the old rubber pads on the shoulders, (25 years ago here!)

    For some reason, maybe to look cool, he wore this thing on a bft, needless to say he failed - Fat twat+heavy atire = failure!
  3. T**T T**T T**T

    My so called mate has just gone and told him that i was interested and that he should come over for a brew to sort out timings.

    Now he is just sat across from me pis*sing himself. WAN**R.

    Any hitmen out there who are cheap???
  4. Did I understand you correctly that he is TA AND wearing "mixed dress" at (Non Military) work. There must be some regulation against that surely?

    Even if there isn't he's a cnut. Not a walt, something far far worse for which there is no name as yet.
  5. OUT HIM!! OUT HIM ON ARRSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes you are correct. He is even wearing silver shadows!!!!
    Apparently according to the boss (who is also pissing himself) he has been known to frequent the premises with the issued fleece and is also responsible for the numerour TA posters around the place.
  7. urrghh god he sound like a non attender that still thinks he is in. He personifies everthing that the TA isn't.Easesprings shuffles off feeling very unclean after using the word personifies :oops:
  8. I wish i could. I would feel too bad for his son who is para reg!!


    All i can say is that he has the nickname Bill and his last name is another name for a piece of heathland.
  9. Sounds like mummies very special soldier!

    Well done for keeping your cool! :)

    What kind of unit does he want to "take you under his wing" into?
  10. Funny enough thats who I first thought of
  11. Don't worry, when the 8 mile CFT comes in next year (hopefully) a lot of these cunts will be weeded out.

    Its the silver shadows bit that gets me!!!!
  12. Yes that what I am looking forward to. But the governement is looking forward to the drop in number of people who qualify for the bounty
  13. Keeping my cool was easy it was trying not to laugh that was hard.

    I assume he is in the Royal Anglian Transport regiment as that is our local one.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    200 bensons and a case of herfie green and I'll "SLOT" him "THEM" stylie mate, just give me a minute to get my passport sorted though eh.
  15. The nearest i come to a desert is the crap desktop picture of the sand dune on the computer. Oh and the sand bucket for the fag ends.

    Amusing is not the word. Not a smidgen of work has been done in our area. Just constant urine taking of me and my exciting night tonight!!!!

    I am not looking forward to lunch break!!