A Tax Too Far?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. Recommendations that our government should impose extra tax on junk and fatty foods in the hope of tackling obesity is not on, as it will affect all of us in society and in particular the (slim) respectable poor.

    Grub is dear enough as it is at the tills these day's.

    Obesity is a problem for the individual minority and should be addressed as such.

    For the government to cane us all for a problem that the minority have makes me wonder if this is really a money generating exercise.

    And the food traffic light system is Nanny state Britain at it's worst!

    Link ... BBC News - Global governments 'must get tough on obesity'
  2. Maybe they should just adapt the alcohol unit tax idea and you have to pay a set tax for every kilocalorie in the food you buy?

    That way there would be no arguments over what is junk food and what isn't.

    Next up - fresh air and how to tax by the lungful.
  3. Or they could just let people eat what they like and if they get fat and die it's their hard luck.
  4. If you try to drive I'll tax the street, if you try to walk I'll tax your feet...
  5. I am very much in favour. Providing good healthy food is not made more expensiive too, if anything the price should be driven down.

    Bear in mind that fatties don't die straight away, they linger, robbing the NHS of our hard earned as they go in for diabetes treatment, new hips and gastric bands.

    I'd also see the cash diverted in to various sporting activities.

    Also it isn't just fatties, somepoeple look remarkably svelt but their bodies are rammed with salt, processed food and other shite that will see them off eventually.
  6. Bring back window glass tax, the orignal daylight robbery!
  7. I'd slap a hefty tax on celebrity egg flippers like la Lawson. Lardy arsed nation spends half it's time shoveling fat filled ready meals down its gob while getting a semi over her matronly paps.
  8. Ration NHS care for anyone who fnucks up their own health - fat, alcohol, drugs, etc
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  9. Or we could provide tax breaks for those with houses with lots of double and triple glazing arranged to increase the natural heating of the house and decrease the requirement for artificial lighting.
  10. Just kill all fat people. Problem solved!
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  11. What;s the calorific value of a typical fat ****?

    We could burn them and solve Britains energy crisis!
  12. They're mostly water, it takes too much diesel to get them to burn properly, resulting in a net energy loss.

    However, they could be used as self-propelled Hesco.
  13. Add a 50% Purchase tax on all food from Aldi, Lidl, Asda and Morrissons and give a 50% discount for shoppers in Waitrose and Fortnum and Masons.

    People who eat Lidlwurst, or Aldibeans don't vote Tory, so they don't matter. Most of them are Polish anyway.
  14. What we need to do is cut their benefits.

    So poor people are disadvantaged because they can only afford bad food are they?

    I dont care what you can afford to eat, half as much of it has half the calories you thick fat f*ck.

    If you are rich and fat thats your own business. Im not paying for your food.
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  15. Precisely. It's not fat people who are the problem, but poor people.

    Put up the price of nasty foodstuffs and ready-meals until they emigrate somewhere, anywhere.