A tax on peace & quiet

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Feb 18, 2007.

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  2. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I suspect a forthcoming 'Council Tax Revolution' in the offing that will make the Poll Tax Riots in Maggie's time seem a minor inconvenience in comparison.

    As the prisons are all full, it will only take 5,000 people refusing to pay to completely overload the justice system!
  3. looks like my bill will be going down to 49 :headbang: p then
    unfortunatly I think Brighton council will compare its estates with some shithole in london
    lack of gun battles less than 5 miles from the sea downs on the doorstep
    that will be £5000 please :frustrated:
    I fear the council tax revolt is coming and it won't be nice
  4. Bring on the window tax!
  5. And, of course, with the new Home Sellers' Packs, you'll be penalised for NOT having double glazing or a state-of-the art eco-house....
  6. cunts im not standing for that, this is taking the piss, I will be voting against Labour regardless of what the other party is like, a form local income tax on your wages would have been better, based on ability to pay, like in some countries.
  7. I feel a trip to the local scrappy coming on for a bit of 'Vauxhall' garden furnishing and my kids being given the run of the close, with my dog off the lead. As soon as I get a whiff of these c*nts coming round my gaff, we will become he neighbours from hell and our front garden will become a dog fighting arena/second hand car show room.
  8. Possibly not the best site to say that 31.05.90 I was at trafalger square, I'm the one at the back eating sarnies, (free bus from Uni with bear on board and a trip to London who could refuse?), I may be a bit to old to go this time around? But will be there if needs be lol!
  9. Feckin hell take it easy :brilsmurf:
  10. All this so-called government is capable of is taxing the population.

    Except for engaging in an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, what else have they done since 1997?

    Is the Health Service better? For a clue visit St George's Hospital Tooting.

    Has Education improved? Ask employers who seek literacy in job applicants.

    Has Crime been reduced? Speak, off the record, to any Metropolitan Police officer.

    Has the torrent of regulation and control emanating from Brussels abated?

    Has the ludicrous adherence to facile 'political correctness' been addressed?

    Are we encouraged to save? No, because the tiniest savings are taxed but we are to be encouraged to visit hyper-super-casinos.

    Has the vast consumption of alcohol been addressed? No, 24 hours boozing permitted.

    The catalogue of this government's failures is endless. All talk, talk, talk, spin, spin, spin and knee-jerk reaction to any event that is reported in the media.

    It was obvious on day one that Bliar was a formica and flourescent charlatan -together with his side-kicks Campbell, Mandelson and others. What have we done to deserve this?
  11. Voted the knobber in to office on 3 seperate occasions. :frustrated:
  12. Great, as per usual anyone who works hard to get on and improve his/her lot in this country will be penalised, and albeit there are generally decent people living in poor areas and housing, whilst those who don't will be looked after.

    I wonder if, for example, Do As You Likeys will get taxed (if at all) more if they have a twin axle caravan?
  13. Fcuk voting. Just burn down the Reichstag... er Houses of Parliment.

    These fools are seriously stretching normal, everyday folk. When this elastic band snaps, I don't want to be any where near. I think I'll go for Canada, NZ or Auz. So long Blighty, I'll come back when all the politicians are hanging from Tower Bridge.
  14. I totally agree with all you say Isquared.
    This useless lot's answer to everything seems to be tax it. In the last few weeks we have had airline tax, rubbish tax, congestion tax, mileage tax and now council tax. Of course, the politicians who levy these taxes, dodge most of them by putting them on their "expenses" which are paid by us.
  15. I just hope they don't bring in a big c0ck tax or I'm fcuked.