Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Flyingrockdj, Feb 5, 2002.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    We have all noticed a certain some one appearing on every board sprouting **** all the time, don't cha think a TARA board would allow us all to visit and sprout ***** as welll it would be mucho fun....any supporters? Not you Tara!
  2. All for it. BRING IT ON
  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    great............come on you wimps, at least Tara has Balls!
  4. By the way, there is already such a board within the Int Cell, wouldnt expect Cav to find the place but really thought ex AAC would have at least got close!! Do not however worry, I actually thought this site was for a bit of fun, piss taking and inter unit rivalry. I am obviously wrong. Having been in since 1978 and still serving, I have many observations having worked with every type of unit we can offer. I therefore feel confident enjoying banter in every board. However, it seems that many people who have done or did do a few years in the mob, do not like it when people disagree with them or take the p iss. So Tara will be going on leave to the Official Army Site. Tschuss
  5. Flyingrock, I hear it would not be too much of an effort for you to spout, that's spout not sprout, s***. Hospital radio!!! What a laugh!!  
  6. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    I don't mind piss taking, it's my job after all, and why should I look at the Int site?, never did like or believe them any way!, I thought you'd got the joke , cool to have your own board dontcha think, Blue nugget get a sense of humour bloke......anyone would think you're a clerk!
  7. Awe, c'mon Frdj. We all know why you post here. It's the only place where people listen to you, not that important at BFBS. ;D

    Alan Partridge lives! 8)

    PS Where has Tara gone? He's only a 'guest' now?
  8. Tara got peed off with ex forces people (in the main) criticising because he posted messages here and there. Now some were admittedly bordering on banter but didnt (I feel) necessitate organisation and mobilisation of hate campaign. If there is one thing I learned, it was "If you cannot take a joke don't join". However certain people took everything personally and then resorted to personal (rather than general (which is the norm) on public boards) insults. Now I am old enough and ugly enough to listen and argue back, however I am also sensible and more importantly intelligent enough to know that that is not what this site is about. Rather than rise and probably annilate a couple of small minded people, I took the adult approach and backed off for a while. In fact I was prepared to leave for good, however, certain people could not accept that and have chosen to send emails to my proper email address (not the site provided e mail addy) and even rang my office. There is a small security problem on the site which has allowed vision of my email addy since I signed out and the only way to prevent private view at present is to sign back on. Here I am. I will not tow the party line, and to all those who fancy an intellectual battle,bring it on.

    Edited following whinge!!!
  9. Good to see you back Tara.

    I feel that some people think they have a monopoly on what is said on this board (I am not referring to you). Classified, naming and information that could be used by the gutter press is one thing but personal attacks based purely on a dislike to what’s being said are down right Fascist. Some of the moderators need moderating.

    I think as time runs its course (this is a new and unique board), things will settle down. After all, this is a civi board on the Internet that brings like-minded people together, Forces bods and those connected to it.

    Unlike in the green kit, we can be more vocal and opinionated with out getting shafted here. Some people don't like this as their insecurity shines brilliantly through. Because it's anonymous? Power trips or inferiority complexes, swings both ways.

    This is in no way aimed at you, Tara but those who have a Napoleon complex, who ever they may be.

    I have said it several times before; Pprune BB was better than any soap opera at times, with people who couldn't come to terms with the fact that they were missing the point. It's the freaking Internet not reality.
  10. I have returned, same as Tara, I don't mind some slagging, but when things get very personal, maybe it's better to have a time out, even though it meant a reduction back to Sniff Test Man. I don't care if you have my E-Mail address or personal details in fact if you want, you can have my address as well, if you want to make it that personal I will take great pleasure in ripping your head off!! Any way enough crap, this is a great site for both serving and ex Army and as Lord Flashart so eloquently put it 'It's not freaking reality' Come on Tara race you back to the Top!!!
  11. I totally agree with the tara,bluenugget and lord flashart, Look there as being to much "Oh you can´t do that or write that" attitude on this website. ok i also thought it was for banter and so forth but as usual there is to many serious minded people out there. Who i think  are out there just purely to stop the fun of others.
    So to all those who can´t stand the heat---- Get out of the kitchen!!!
    Look they even went to the trouble to make a trog/leeanne board