A tale of two heroes

I hope this is the correct ARRSE forum to post this news item, this is from a friend of mine called Diane Snow:

My husbands eldest brother (one of six) - Anthony who wore Billy's medals and was chairman of his local British Legion branch died of a massive heart attack whilst driving his lorry on the 15th of October. He was leading a convoy of five articulated lorries on the M1 in Leicestershire, their cargo being fireworks. Despite the pain he manoeuvred his lorry through the central reservation, across the southbound carriageway and up an embankment, no other vehicle was involved. There are several news items online on Leicestershire News. I left a thank you to all those involved in aiding Tony and was grateful that through this a few days later Stuart of London who witnessed the accident got in contact. It was he and an off duty paramedic that were able to get to the cab, he was able to confirm that although they could not enter the truck that Tony was showing no signs of life. Also he felt Tony had deliberately placed his lorry there, and if you can see the picture I think you would agree. The email gave much comfort to the family in particular Tony's wife Yvonne and four children. Tony was cremated with full military honours (Royal Engineers) and his airborne cap was also placed on him and Yvonne was handed the Union Flag that had been draped over him. In his way, Tony was a hero too.

AB Billy Snow BEM was cox'n of HMS Li Wo, the most decorated small ship in the Royal Navy during WW2. He died when she was sunk in a VC action against a Japanese convoy. The full story about this brave ship is here.

I know this second bit is a Navy tale but I thought you lads might like to hear a tale of 'derring do' in the week preceding Remembrance Day. Even though I'm a former crab, I have the honour of laying a wreath at our Oakworth War Memorial on behalf of the Prince of Wales and Repulse Survivors Association on Sunday 11th Nov. I'll be standing tall on behalf of all our brave lads.

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