A tale of 7 holes.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Drlligaf, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Having spent the morning blatting away with my trusty Garand I gathered up the empities and took them back home to dump in the tumbler. As usual I had a quick look at the cases before dropping them in the bowl, and discovered the case pictured below.Pictured from left to right are a Prvi Partisan unfired 30-06, a healthy fired Prvi case and the holey case. These are froma batch of 1000 rds most of which have been fired without any problems. I have never seen anything like it before, 7 craters going all the way through the case wall and no idea what caused it. Any ideas from the more informed Arrsers?

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  2. Is this a conicidence? Is there some heavy pitting in your barrel?

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  3. It could be corrosion from the inside out, but equally it could be some corrosion created from contact with a damp cardboard box which has been polished out. Pull a few bullets and check for internal corrosion is my advice.

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  4. That's case contamination.. possibly exacerbated by poor heat treatment..

    The case has been allowed to lie on it's side with a trace corrosive allowed to collect on the inside.. usually pickle from between case draw cycles.. If a few cases miss the wash cycle and lie over the weekend in the plant this can be the result..

    The mark on the other case looks like crap transferred from the first split case via the chamber..

    That's Privi for you..
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  5. Is the bottom of that split case a bit off the plumb? just an observation! not an answer to your problem.
  6. Thanks for that information.
    I've fired loads of their 30-06 and a few hundred of their 7.62 Nato with no problems up until now. I have also reloaded a few hundred without problems. I have no idea exactly when the holed case was fired, there certainly did appear to be anything untoward during the firing, appart from my p1ss poor aiming. The chamber appears clean and unmarked.
  7. That'll buff right out.....

    tac, still shooting LCA in HIS Garand