Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Yes, we need one

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  2. No we dont , we muddle along somehow

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  1. Just trying to garner some reaction to the idea of having a HIVE structure for TA personnel.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmmm. Won't vote on this until I know more about the Reg version. Seen plenty, never been in one. Would it prove beneficial given that there is no Patch system in the TA? We for example are scattered over the SE of England, and some Units are worse than us.
  3. Maybe in the cities e.g. Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool etc. With say Leeds covering all of West Yorks
  4. HIVE being?...

  5. Thanks, polar,

    self-edit: also thanks for sorting the link


    HIVE = Help, Information and Volunteer Exchange
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sorry, just too spread out. We would only be told to use the nearest Regular one - which kind of makes sense, from both an economic view, and in line with a 'one Army' concept. There are a few within our 'catchment area', but I have never heard of a TA Family using them. Some of our Husbands/Wives/Others won't even attend mess functions, let alone go to these!
  7. Quite - when I was mobilised in 2003, Mrs Foz very nicely got a letter from the Catterick based unit I was attached to with an offer to cut our grass. Brilliant, great gesture, much appreicated but I live in deepest darkest rural Essex.

    I was lucky as my CO, OC, RSM, PSAO, Padre and Regimental Welfare Officer were absolute stars and looked after the "other halfs" very well.

    I think under the current model of mobilisations, the support must come from the "donor" units with a strong alignment to the regular units welfare structure
  8. A TA hive would be a waste of time , the hive on all the camps I served at was a meeting place for the wifes to meet and bitch , what TA soldiers wife is going to bother

    If my wife wants to bitch she fucks off to her sisters to do it
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    You were very lucky...in my regiment the only reason the CO appointed a Welfare Officer ( G1 issues not being in the forefront of his mind because an MBE took up what room there was...) was after I'd innocently asked him which JO had the task...

    The stupid thing was that the Regular regiment that we were back filling had a very good and effective Welfare Op which we should have blistered onto straight away.

    our guys were predominantly from Merseyside but others from Scotland, Wales, darkest Carrot-cruncher land....deployed for 5 months to South Coast with no eligibility to warrnts for weekend leave, unclear on leave entitlement, losing money because their TA salaries didn't match Civvy income and Chilwell had to be persuaded to cough up RHA, wives and girlfriends bitching like ten (and in some cases going elsewhere)....all sorts of Welfare issues and the nice but dim Loot who got saddled with the task was clue free....

    YES - a TA hive staffed with people who had even the faintest idea about what it is like to be a TA wife (rather than a Service wife who knows the way things are supposed to work) is w-a-a-a-y overdue.

    I would volunteer to get involved because the system as it currently operates is NOT giving TA families the same suppprt that Regular Army wives should be able to count on.

    Le Chevre
  10. My wife refused point blank to go anywhere near the HIVE when I was in bos whilst with the regs, in my experience its a coffee morning where the women wear the mens rank and bitch consistantly about the army, other wifes, my husband didn't get promoted but so and so did etc.

    Anyway the point of a HIVE is to provide support to pads wifes who are cut from thier families due to husbands postings, TA wifes (and husbands of course) probably have thier families to fall back on.

    A welfare officer however is a good idea, give her someone else to bitch to instead of using up your precious 5 mins on the phone card