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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. Army recruiting page finally has a TA button.....went live yesterday

    Might assuage some of Dr E's bile?

    or maybe not.....???



    [Edited to add: I've just tried navigating around using the links and I'm afraid that many take you back to the regular bits - very confusing....more work required methinks?]
  2. *Sigh*

    Using my mind-Tardis, I this very evening put myself in the position of young Dr E, circa 1998.

    Availing of a recently-popularised technological marvel, the "inter-net", plus my own home-brew Discombululatron, I navigate to the home page of www.armyjobs.mod.uk as it will be on 12 December 2009.

    I don't do a Google search because I already know that website is there. I won't go into the issue of how people interested in the TA discover that this website relates to them.

    In the lower left of the screen, I can do a job search. That's handy.

    I select:

    Sex: Male
    Qualifications: Degree
    Full- or part-time: Part-time (let's not get into that issue, either)

    Ladies and germs, the following is the complete list of the 11 jobs it says are available to me:


    Unless, that is, the above list recites all the jobs which will be available in the TA of the future!
  3. oooarrr

    the lass on the territorial home page would get it.
  4. No jobs for a proctologist??? what a pain in the arrse
  5. Playing around with it a bit, it seems that the bogus results are triggered by indicating that you have a degree, and selecting "part-time".

    In order to find out about my TA job (well, my first one on commissioning), you need to select "A-level or equivalent" and "Full-Time". Which obviously makes total sense for potential TA officers.

    The Armyjobs website was launched in 2005, folks. It is in its fifth year. It is still a total crock of shoyte.

    Seconded re the girl, btw. PM me, baby. Yeah!
  6. Are you guys that desperate???
  7. Pay. Please not the liberal use of the word "WILL" in all issues relating to pay. Can I suggest that this is in stark contrast to the experience of some units at present. Mr T, perhaps you will update the two appropriate threads on this subject (where has all the money gone and return to 'normal')

    edited three...ah fcuk it, I can't get the link to work. copy and paste it yourselves folks:

  8. Interestingly I was offered the same "jobs" as a bit of a G6 geek I'm surprised. Pleased to be a "red" though.