A suitable Light Infantry themed presentation piece.

Mrs Flashman is the Admin Officer for an ACF Company that is affiliated exclusively to the Light Infantry. Her OC is to take up a new post on 1 April (no, honestly :lol: ) and she's looking to buy a presentation piece for his Dining Out at the end of March.

The chap in question has served with the Company in various appointments from Cadet onwards for a little over 32 years and is universally liked and respected by all his staff (therefore a lack of voluntary contributions is not expected to be a problem).

The Company's affiliation has been KOYLI, 8LI, KOYYLI, etc. (strong Yorkshire influence I'd say :) ) so she would be looking for something with a Yorkshire Light Infantry theme.

We've tried googling with very limited success and even the ubiquitous Ebay has failed us. Perhaps any of you chaps could could come up with suggestions of (a) What would be a good item to buy for him (print, statuette or something more imaginative - not a caricature though as it's been done recently) and (b) links to websites or addresses/phone numbers that could be of use.

My thanks to you all in advance for taking the time to have a look. :)


barbs said:
This chap (Peter Hicks & Associates) v good.

Specific Light Div stuff here:Light Div statuettes

They also do commissioned pieces...
Disappointing to note that in their 'Op Telic' section there is no statuette of me wearing civvies, drinking Jordanian gin and smoking cheap PX Marlboros whilst Old Snowy did the gardening - I think they need to broaden their range: we can't all be steely-eyed, armed-to-the-teeth, men of action.