A study has found...

Right Sir, if that was an application for the job of Professor of Gay Whiteboard Postmodernist Thinking, you might be up for an interview. Wear a casual dress.
Ah, I see that subtle attempt to wheedle your way into the interviewers good books....perhaps you know something other applicants don't. For example the fact that, even though not being a porridge-swallower, I have in fact had to endure the humility of wearing a kilt, quite often, not just for pukestained stagdos. It'll get you nowhere, Goat....unless you decide to wear a strapon instead of a sporran.
I'd like to apply for the History of Tropperism PhD, please.

I could use 20 or so years of student benefits.
Regius Professor of Really Hard Thinking, for me please. And once I have tenure I'll be straight on sabbatical.
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