A strange PM


I got this a few minutes ago from mcmahon76 and I post it here so you can all enjoy it.

By way of backstory, this odious little cretin has been polluting the 'Joining Up (Regular) forum for a bit and while I still think it's an obvious troll being obvious, it'll still make you chuckle as much as it did me.

Here it is:

you betathink boy

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 6:11 pm
From: mcmahon76
To: Proximo
proximo and all the others mods if you are in the reg army then how the * do u get all this internet time when you shud be * working n i probs know more about the army than you coz my dad n uncle are very high ranked your probs some * TA part timers so bother saying i look foward 2 ure arrival you low life mother f***** coz i will have you booted out
I am terrified. I want to know whether this his Dad and Uncle fcuk him every night or just occasional Tuesdays. I hope this is genuine because if this an obvious troll being obvious, it's not very good.
That's got to be a wah. It's either that or care in the community has taken a new turn.

It's Sven's lover (or in fact Sven), choking in grief by the account suspension.

You should be outraged !
Be careful his father or uncle could be RP staff on the gate, they have the power to take away your car pass
Bonzo_Dog said:
That's got to be a wah. It's either that or care in the community has taken a new turn.
There's nothing wrong with care in the community... I much prefer it to being locked up in the nut house. :slow:
jarrod248 said:
Doesn't he realise that you can track his ISP to his address?
all you need to do is turn off and on your router and you get a new IP address. so not really 100% accurate
jarrod248 said:
Doesn't he realise that you can track his ISP to his address?
Well we know his name is Steve McMahon and he's hoping to join the Royal Engineers on 11th August at ATR Pirbright. I'm contacting the 2IC there tomorrow (a good mate) and filling him in on this complete knobbers attitude. Guess he's in for an interesting time...we'll see how gobby he is then, eh?
I'm sure he will pop some caps in yo mofo ass nigga.

Or something else he heard in the playground.
Your entirely correct Proximo. It is a lesson to all young folk who think that they can use the cover of the 'net & make idiots and silly threats. His grammar was awful and he does not seem to be a switched on cookie. Hopefully SIB or Purple AFCO staff seeing young McMahons post will see this thread and have words and invite him in for a chat or simply tell him that his Persec & attributes he has shown online is not what we want and the job offer withdrawn. Let Daddy & Uncle go legal against us to get him in. This would be an uber postive PR spin that we bin idiots prior to attestation. We only want to attract the best calibre of new guys.

An incredibly early lesson on PERSEC for our man 'Steve McMahon' I'd suggest. ;)

Mr McMahon, I'd seriously suggest (if you aren't a wah merchant) that you may wish to either delay you joining date or change your name by deed poll. No, seriously.

Seems his account has been suspended. Probably not a bad thing.

To help the little darling out, do you think it would be prudent to remove this thread too?

(The voices in my head are saying 'No, fcuk him').
OMG ... the penny has dropped.

This surely couldn't be Tarquin, the bastaard son of Lt Gen Sir Montmorency Chavving-Slightly and Doris Threepence. IIRC, Sir Monty had a cousin in the RAF who made AVM by selling parts of his body for medical research in the Far East.

If that's him/them, ye're dooooomed, Proximo. :lol:
Somehow that account has been suspended*, Has he disapeared to meet the same fate as sven?

* I can't imagine why
The Eeejit has now panicked and gone to ground. Let the thread roll on so folk can see how we react and chat about the new pipeline of recruits coming in. I bet young Steve McMahon is now passing Nescafe Water. Lets make him sweat and show him our severe displeasure. It's a good learning tool for spectators of this site.


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