a strange myth

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. i heard a myth yesturday and wonder if any of you RE lot have ever heard it,
    " a RE mine instructor used to prove that a mk7 anti tank mine could be steeped on my a human and not go of by actualy bring a live one into the class and jumping on it,after a few classes and lots of jumping up and down on this mine, the pressure plate spring has become worn.so up he jumps on mine and up he goes through the roof along with half his class"
    never heard that one myself,just seems a bit bizzare to be true

    over to guys........
  2. Not heard that one. Got my doubts...
  3. If just the detonator had gone off, but not the main charge, would you have titled this thread "A near myth"?

    Jutht wondered.
  4. i know the guy who told me it very well,and he had done his 22 yrs,so i dont think he is a bullsh#ter,but i guess you never no where he picked up the story from,prob a pissed up sapper in a bar some where,i dont know
  5. I first heard that story about fifty years ago, and have heard a few versions of it over the years, but never any cold hard facts as to when and where it happened, and I have a very open mind about it.
  6. Maybe have got away with doing things like that 50yr ago. Not recently though.
  7. Got told that one on a mine awareness course in Bosnia. The way it was told it was a Serb/Croat/Bosniac (delete as applicable) instructor!
  8. I heard this first back in 88 on my B3. In the version I was told, it happen back at Cove in the early seventies.

  9. Got told that story on my trainning course in 96.
  10. Heard this story on my B3 at Cove in 1973 , I think it was bullshit, but a good yarn for the training NCO :wink:
  11. excuse me for jumping in on your forum... we had an incident in bos in '95 which led to me asking up the Int & RE chains if they knew of any double impulse mines or anything like that being utilised by any of the factions? basically a local croat trod on an AP mine down the western end of the vitez pocket, but it did not go off. he called his buddies to show them what had happened (one of those plasticky box type, can't remember the name. kind of a clamshell type arrangement?).

    anyway he then put his foot on it again to show that this mine was inert, whereupon it exploded and he died of his injuries later that day.

    so i put the question up the chain, and your guys said that they were not aware of any double-impulse mines or anything used in bos, but that they could take a good guess at the explanation behind the incident. mine had probably been there a long time, and rusted the mechanism slightly. first step probably scraped the rust a bit and freed it up... and when he was silly enough to tread on it again... :)
  12. As far as i know this is just a urban/combat myth and probably used to embellish a mine warfare lesson, which indicates that although an anti-tank mine requires a large amount of pressure to set it off, your average sized squaddie on his own isn't sufficient to set it off, however with weapon, webbing etc it is quite possible for your average large guy to weigh enough to set one off.
  13. i remember being told that jumping off the back of a 4 tonner in your cefo would generate enough pressure to set off an anti-tank mine. (something like double your bodyweight, landing from that height?)
  14. The amount of pressure required to set off an anti-tank mine isn't necessarily as much as you'd think. On a course a couple of years back was told that 80-100kg was enough for most mines.

    Wider tracks on AFVs spread the weight over a larger area, therefore the trigger weight on the mines can't be too high, or the vehicles will just drive over them and away.
  15. Yeah, the mass jumping from that height is substantially increased with gravity pulling you down.