A story to warm the heart - what would you have done?

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.
Santander needs all the good publicity it can get at the moment.
And if the money blew away, why were the youths jumping up for it and not chasing after it? It would have been going away and not up.
Also look at the ages mentioned. I´m sure other age groups would also have been present and probably more likely to have assisted/returned the money. Possibly, hired actors.
Methinks, publicity stunt.
If the notes dropped on the ground they would have blown accross the ground, perhaps with the odd little jump of joy at the sudden sense of new found freedom they were experiencing. Best put it in a polly bag next time Grandad.

It did warm my heart and have been tapped on the shoulder and given money I have dropped quite a few times. I once walked away and left 200 pound in a cash machine, and the guy behind me walked 20 metres to hand it back to me. I've never forgotten that !!

I only wish my total shock/embarassment hadn't stopped me thinking to offer him some of it as a well deserved reward. Cheers !
A grandfather of 13 at the age of 54, pushing it a bit isn't it?

I also thought all Abby branches had been rebranded as Santander:

Abbey National - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Santander Group announced in May 2009 they would rename Abbey and the Bradford & Bingley branch network on 11 January 2010. Credit cards issued by Abbey were the first to change, using the Santander brand.[1] The Abbey name has been retained for the Abbey for Intermediaries business and was retained for a time for Abbey International before the latter was subsequently rebranded as Santander Private Banking. The Cater Allen, James Hay and Cahoot brands have remained.[18]
I take it that the ground was piss wet after the rain and thus made the beer tokens stick more readily?
Funnily enough.... today at teh cash point by the Tesco express there is a sign.

'Would the woman who left her money in the machine please pop in to the store to collect'...

No idea how much money, nor when it was left. But I assume someone does.
So stuff can't blow along the ground?
At least take the time to read the article.
Quote - But they brought it all back back - I couldn’t believe it! They were jumping up and catching the notes - it’s a shame no one had a camera. EndQuote

Chasing after would sound genuine.
And the only onlookers on the high-street at that time were aged 12-25 ??????
You can't know how much car insurance is , which is a lot of money
Not for me... I can drive.

What I meant was, why was he walking around with tht sort of cash? Regardless of what it was to be used for. A grand in your sky rocket is a lot.

Bringing the insurance in to it, I've never paid for Car Ins in anything other htan 1s and 0s via credit card.

You dopey fcuker.
I must admit that I don't think I have ever paid cash for insurance premiums. Most banks would stick a rubber band around fifty notes if not put it in a bag. Most people would put it in their pocket/wallet. Still a nice story for a Monday.
Although the building game is very quite because of the recession, I sometimes carry a grand or more if business has been good. Building doing extensions etc is still largely a cash business.

It hasn't happened to me but I have known on two occasions where blokes have dropped substantial amounts of money and it's disappeard never to be seen again.

This bloke was very lucky.......Oh, and the bank should have offered him a envelope or a bag to put the dosh in! Mine always does if I'm withdrawing a large wedge.

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