A Story the US Media Seems to Have Missed

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. It doesn't fit the anti-gun efforts they and our Masters are using the murders at the Connecticut school for to callously advance their agenda. It also runs counter to the derision they heaped on the head of the NRA for his practical suggestion of armed presence at school buildings.


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    sumthin not right there kimosabe - all I get is a comodo page telling me you tube does not exist. and I am not running comodo.
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    do colonels get to keep their batman when they retire?
  4. I stupidly gave him the night off with the parlor maid. But I had the chauffer go and fetch him back.
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  5. "Renegade cop shoots children he was meant to be protecting" or "Hockey mom killed in tragic incident, sports equipment mistaken for firearm". We no longer vaccinate for smallpox because a concerted effort to eradicate it means precautions & remedies are redundant.
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  6. I await your better suggestion.
  7. Their seems to be more problems than solutions. US schools look like being the default setting for nutters with a grudge, and access to firepower.
  8. How about stop letting mongs/fuckwits/retards/everymotherfucker keep guns? :)
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  9. At the risk of being very repetitive, gun control is not the answer. There are more than enough mongs, retards, drug dealers, gangs etc with firearms in Europe. As for GB, our firearms act is not exactly a model of how to address the problem of firearms crime. It is also worth noting that some of the most horrific crimes in the last hundred years did not involve firearms at all. The worlds first car bomb, in New York, was a horse drawn cart. The massacre in Bath, USA involved bombs. Timothy McVeigh versus FBI in Oklahoma using a car bomb. Winnenden and Erfurt spring to mind when talking about school massacres in Germany, however for sheer horror it is hard to beat a home made flame thrower and the effects in confined spaces, a crime conveniently forgotten about in Germany. Except by the survivors. Got a grudge against Uncle Sam? Just take a large jet and head for a tall building in a big city; should any one think that such a crime cannot be repeated really ought to spend a little less time in cuckoo land.

    No I don't have the answer to firearms crime, but then I know that when tried and tested methods continuously fail, then it is definitely time to try a different approach.
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  10. again I ask how in a nation with more guns than people? Even with confiscation that I doubt even our current Masters would try, at least directly, there will always be ample guns available among those unwilling to obey the law. Now we have that out of the way for the nth time, just what is your practical solution to criminal gun violence-- more efforts to regulate to the point of disarming the law abiding?

    Focusing on the gun has never And will not on future "solve" the real problem of those willing to do murder regardless of the laws about gun possession. If strict gun control is the answer why does the Queen, PM etc etc have armed security?

    It is the self-same principle for protecting at threat people that in America includes school children and staff for the very reason they hAve been soft targets.

    The argument thAt An armed guard may himself run amok is specious in the extreme since the same cAn be said of any armed person.

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  11. Well if you are looking for a catch all solution that will completely erradicate gun crime in the US without it involving actions that would be considered unacceptably draconian/unconstitutional by the NRA and gun owners alike then you'll spend a lot of time looking without actually achieving anything other than going around a circular argument - A sandbagging tactic that results in a perception that the pro gun lobby are interested in discussing the status quo when in fact they aren't, no matter how much pressure is brought to bear.

    It would be a lot more honest to genuinely seek solutions that would serve to reduce gun crime - however slight that reduction may be - in order to not only mitigate violent death as a result of the proliferation of guns in society but to also start down the road towards changing attitudes to gun ownership.

    And, no, I really don't think more guns is a viable long-term solution to your problems in the US - if in fact you even see it as a problem.

    Rome wasn't built in a day and all that - And whoever gets the ball rolling will need to have the strength of character that usually results in you getting a public holiday named in your honor once the collective blindfold has come off.

    Even if guns don't kill people but rather people do, wouldn't the gun at least be guilty of aiding and abetting? Pretty much the same thing if penalty tariffs are anything to go by. And in an age of joint criminal enterprise I'd say it is harder and harder to seperate the gun from it's user when put into the context of mass murder.
  12. I agree with JJH that gun control is not going to be the answer, given the number already floating about the US. The issue is rather deeper embedded in a society with some pretty big splits in it and a culture that admires self-reliance ....so that nutters can be very detached from reality indeed and left to get on with it. Not sure how it would be achived but the sort of change seen in UK society over drink-driving might be a pointer - 30 years ago it was "OK" to have a fair few and drive home, now its not only heavily policed but a social no-no as well. How was that achieved ?
  13. A good starter for 10 would be to establish the precedence of constitutional and human rights.

    The right to life simply has to be in the list before a right to carry arms and therefore an erosion of the latter in favour of the former should be universally accepted as right and just.

    I think the argument that the right to life is reinforced by the right to bear arms is spurious and only seeks to make the argument a circular one - which suits those who have a vested interest in seeing the status quo maintained.
  14. It isn't a spurious argument for the many people in the US that defend their right to life with a firearm in the US every year. The criminals aren't going to change their behaviour just because you tell people that right to life is more important than the right to own firearms.