A stiff upper lip, a Septic and an SLR

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Bugsy, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Long, long ago, for a NATO scheme, I was attached as a CMT to a KOSB Coy, which was itself attached to a Septic outfit in South Germany. The KOSB CSM told me to draw an SLR, even though I had a Hi-Power from my own unit. But we all know that CSMs come before god, so I drew an SLR.

    We had four days gash before the scheme kicked off, so the Septics took us down to some ranges just outside Chiemsee (can't remember the name of the place). We had no ammo with us, but the Septics had plenty of 7.62 for their M60s and issued us with 200 (I shitteth thee not!) rounds apiece.
    So off we went with our SLRs, while the Septics had their "Mickey-Mouse" M16s.

    We were firing at 300 yards at targets with only one 10" ring and one 20" ring, and trying to put as many shots as poss from a 20-round mag into the smallest space. Seems the Septics don't go in for 5-round groupings.

    There was this gigantic Septic Major watching us and eventually he asked me a few questions: Why was I wearing a beret when all the others were wearing "side-hats" (actually Glengarries)? Why was my cap-badge different (Coz I'm RAMC on attachment)? And all the rest of the crap.
    Then he asked if he could have a cabby with my SLR. I said yes, and on the pretext of "making sure the front-sight blade hadn't worked loose", I twisted the gas-collar to closed and waited for the fun.

    Now this guy was absolutely ginormous - six-five and 220 pounds - and he'd watched this skinny little Medic (that was me at five-nine and 10 stone 7) put four mags downrange with no ill effects, so there was no way he wasn't going to do the same.
    So he lay down and tried it. I actually winced every time he squeezed the trigger, but no way was he going to be beaten by the likes of a little runt like me!

    He actually jacked it after three mags, congratulated me on a fine weapon and hurriedly left the range with (it appeared to me) his right shoulder hanging slightly lower than the left. Wonder why?

    I saw him the next morning with his right arm in a sling and he also didn't go out on scheme with us.
    But I was very impressed by his rather untypical stiff upper lip and the way he took it on the chin - or on the shoulder in this case. :D :D :D

    Any other tales of Septics and SLRs out there?

  2. proper regret not having had the SLR as a PW

    sounds fun
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Went on exercise with the NY National Guard in 2003 had been selected as a saw gunner (minime)
    After drawing weapons we then spent the next two hours of the coach trip to Fort Dix NJ trying to clean them I swear I've never seen anything so bogging before or since ( including rolloing round in the sand pit in eye-rak)
    When we got there we were given quality US weapon training ( point that end at the target,lift that put rounds there,pull that,push that FIRE) it literally was 5 mins if that.
    We then went to the firing point and looked at each other as they set up 10m (yes 10 metre) targets for us to fire at!
    We were then given various belts of ammo 10, 25, 50 and 100 with various target indication 10 in left hand cicle 25 in right hand etc including a go at a target that was a hollow ' S ' in which you had to start at the top of the S and snake your rounds to the bottom??
    As we loaded the rounds in a sgt squeezed half a bottle of oil in to the weapon (cue sand and wind)which I suppose created a smoke screen to make hitting the targets a bit harder
    A chap in the tower gave the order lock and load good shooting we all look at each other sombody lets rip so off we all go
    Various stoppages including one where the round stuck halfway down the barrel a sgt knelt in front of the weapon (still loaded safety on) and rammed a metal stick up it then unloaded it tied white mine tape round it threw it to one side and threw me another
    The unload drill was the same we unloaded cue sgt with metal stick standing in front to check clear
    After I qualified (wouldv'e got the first plane home if I hadn't) we then had a proper night shoot with lifesize plastic targets (which looked distinctly arabic to me and a monacle night sight for everyone ) the targets were orange for night and green for days cue comedy moment from RIR who refused to fire on a feckin orangemen
    This was us then qualified to take part in a live firing ex at the end of the build up training ( each saw gunner was issued 800 rounds just for the live fire ex) and we were taught to fight the septic way including firing from the hip when storming an emplacement ''get the mofo tight into yer hip and hose the goddam position ''
    They drove a chevvy pick up on to the final part of the ex (we had to ambush this truck and the gang of maniquens in it) and stated its full of gas and we don't want it back so we killed it!! Another comedy moment when storming down range looked round for our instructor/umpire who stopped to take a call on his cell so he could arrange a night out!!
    One other point on the trip we all lived in the big 40 man rooms ala full metal jacket so did our weapons and so did all the squad ammo blank and live so andbody could have done a Pyle in the bogs if they wanted
    For all their faults (and reading various posts I Know there are some) We had a top time took us up town blagged us freebies everywhere (yankee baseball emptied the px etc) and looked after us in a way I wish that some of our own mob did.

    8) 8O :D
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    3 mags - 60 rounds and the Septic Major never asked why he had to c ock the weapon after every shot when it was known as a Self Loading Rifle?

    Urban myth methinks.
  5. Ah the fun to be had with the Spams !!!

    During Desert Shield/Storm we were attached to 1 MEF (Marine Expiditionary Force ) & to culitvate relations we had a Range day & bar-b -q . Now I don't know about you guys but I have always lusted after M16/M203 the grenade launcher thing ......SEX !!

    Well it came to pass that being the only REME with an SLR (Att Arms with CAV are usually issued smg ) I had come from a different unit & brought my 7,62 musket with me , lovingly customised with wooden butt & stock none of yr black plastic crap!! The Marines were curious about this "relic" so I gave them a quick firepower demo using some 20 Ltr OMD 80 drums (full for effect!!) ....5 drums... 10 rounds at 100 200 & 300m .........watch & shoot watch & shoot !! Having destroyed all five drums (two rounds per drum ) we went forward to inspect the damage ....I 'm sure you are all aware of the result .....so now I've got a dozen girenes fighting for a blast on the musket and i spy one of them with the Holy Grail .........M203 .......got any rounds for that ? HELL YEAH comes the reply .....OK gimme gimme gimme ......much "plinking" later I now have the GIRENE convinced he wants the musket & I'm happy to take the 203 off his hands with the appropriate amount of ammo etc etc .....When along comes Gunny Highways dad ....WHAT N HELL Y'all think yor doin ? !!! GIRENE instantly drops beloved MUSKET IN SAND :evil: & GRABS BACK THE 203......... SIR!!! NOTHING gunny SIR !!

    Whereupon Gunfighter retrieves musket .....gives moron GIRENE some "useful advice" on weapon handling ie do that to my beloved musket again you get to wear it as a butt plug !! " & scuttles off into desert to the sounds of said GIRENE getting more useful advice about ******* with the Brits & where was all his 203 ammo and What in hell are all those goddam oildrums doing here .... .....oops !!! Gunfighter scuttles a little faster in the general direction of OFF !!!!
  6. think its just a terminology mixup. i read it that he turned gas plug so max recoil to f*ck up the spam. so it would not have required cocking. just bracing yourself before each round!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well that would not be the gas plug but the regulator collar.

    Turn the gas plug and no gas is sent to re-cock the weapon.
  8. My bold.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And my apologies - did not spot gas collar. :? Thanks for pointing that out. :(

    Now it is a good, if not great, story. :roll:
  10. Turning the gas regulator (collar) to zero increases the amount of gas flow into the gas chamber which forces the gas rod to the rear with greater velocity - increasing the recoil. SLR (FAL to our American cousins) was a great weapon except it had no 'automatic' capability (unlike the original FN) and carrying a full complement of ammunition (7.62mm) was cumbersome.
  11. ^unless you doctored the firing pin, full auto was achievable, unstoppable, but achievable.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No, don't doctor the firing pin - there are 3 working parts that needed mod'ing to return it to its pristine Auto state. One is the selection lever (grind off the spur) and the other two - can't remember now, but I had a set made by a friendly armourer in NI and carried them around for years. Fully controllable (well, burst rate anyway - not accuracy!) auto fire, and would scare the shit out of anyone.

    That said, I still think an Auto capability makes soldiers lazy shots - as well as costing taxpayers too much in Ammo :)
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes I remember shooting with Frogs and Sceptics at Sennelager, They couldnt hit a fig 11 at 300 in fact we had to put up fig 11 at 100 as the fig 12 was too much for them. The Frogs were kind of alright but the yanks just a shower!
  14. Always fired my SLR with the setting at zero :twisted: That way if I was to get a stoppage it would be a good one :lol: none of this starting on 5 and turning it down two clicks each time you encountered a problem :roll: