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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VirusNine, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Right then, so I'm off to Lichfield for my recruits shortly, so I thought I'd be a smart arse and take my kit to Johnsons and get the creases glued in, and extra buttons on my pockets, etc.

    Just wondering what will happen if they notice that my creases are glued and expect me to somehow miraculously un-stick 'em?

    The glue will stay in the creases for good like..


    Am I looking at two weeks of "They're STILL glued, son? I thought I told you yesterday! Do you have something ******* wrong with you!?" or what, like?


    A cunning plan has emerged.. When does long sleeve order kick in, then?
  2. Extra buttons on your pockets ???
  3. Dont bother with getting them glued proffesionally - just get the creases in really good and then run prit stick inside of the creases and iron over - gives a great crease once pulled apart and comes off completley in the was with no permanant marks or anything
  4. err try using an iron, usualy switched on!
  5. Besides won't you get uniform issued at Lichfield ?
  6. didn't TA going regular, turn up with their own already issued kit at one stage?
  7. They certainly did - as an Ex TA bod I tipped up at basic with all my Kit that the TA wouldn't take off me - only to be asked "what the Fcuk was all that Sh*te" by my friendly Plt Cpl ( who I now know to be a right chopper - altho' I wouldn't do that job if it was the last one in the Army ). He promptly promised to get it taken off me "shortly" and forbade me using it throughout Basic training.

    Well, many years in I've STILL got it altho' sorely depleted and exchanged many times ( same broom for 30 years - had 10 new heads and 20 new handles !!! lol ) and it seen my section through many an inspection ( two whole sets of kit all ironed that we didn't have to wear - brill )

    I might even take it all back into the TA with me when I get out !!!!

    24C - Real men don't wear Chobham
  8. OH, and Glueing creases and extra buttons ?! Don't - just Don't, Don't do it, Don't think about doing it, Don't listen to bad advice telling you to do it - not even the voices.

    Pritt stick being the very lesser of glueing evils still sticks out (no pun intended) like a sore thumb when inspecting someone and you'll get rifted. As for extra buttons - where the Fcuk where you thinking of putting them that the Army hasn't thought of ??????????????? Don't do that either or you'll get rifted !!! - getting the message ?. Take extra kit by all means but 1 shirt, 2 pr trousers and a combat jacket, all have to be new and issued C95 - if you aren't sure - DON'T DO IT, if you wear old kit you will look out of place 'cos all your muckers will have new and you'll get rifted!!.

    And if you come on here again suggesting sewn in creases 'cos we told you glueing was sh*te then I'll come to Lichfield and find you and have you rifted for not listening to good advice.

    24C - Real men don't wear Chobham
  9. Spoilsport...I've aways found that the voices had a far better idea of what was fun :wink:

    "Oi you orrible thing...what d'you put them creases in with? a cold mess tin? a f***ing mars bar?"
  10. Pritt stick works well, but don't forget to pull it apart after you have ironed over it. I remember some of my troop walking round with creases an inch long, I also remember them promptly being marched off a parade square.

    I am going to agree though and say don't do it. Although mine was never obvious I did get caught, after what happened I quickly learnt to iron and never cheated on my kit again. Also on the practical side, it is a nightmare as the glue sticks to your legs, which really isn't funny when you are trying to run or march around camp.
  11. Ah go on do the lot....... consider it a big learning curve. Just ask yourself whats the worse thing that can happen?

    But seriously just dont. You really do not need to draw attention to yourself!
  12. I take it that I am somewhat out of date for still using soap in the seams then chaps? :) Take a couple of tins of spray starch and a good iron with you.
  14. I'm glad to see you use soap for something my little petit pois

    Further word of advice. don't have creases sewn in either. Some evil bloke (like me) might make you un-pick them.
  15. Best advice - buy a few pairs of (new) lightweights and shirts from surplus stores or Ebay, and keep them starched (and not ever washed) for locker inspections and parades. They will build up nice natural creases and look smart - you also got your issued ones for normal working dress - this got me through basic at Pirbright without getting rifted (for them anyway!) , and at the end of basic you can sell them at a profit to the next intake!