A step in the right direction?

Good on them, hopefull the first of many more HAs to follow suit.
If it were run properly there would be no need for fast tracking and no-one would drop through the net. Fewer administrators and 'managers' and more Doctors and nurses would be a huge step in the right direction.
If this is the Chris Long who was with the RRF then he is a good egg and was a very able soldier. Doing good on the outside now..
Interesting article from the Beeb here too:
Even as recently as five years ago many would not have returned home alive, the head of battlefield medicine for the armed forces says.

Indeed, military medicine has come so far that Professor Tim Hodgetts believes the chances of a soldier surviving can be greater than a civilian with similar injuries.

Prof Hodgetts says the military has a "sophisticated trauma system" that puts field hospitals like that in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan "ahead of the National Health Service" when it comes to dealing with casualties.
It has been known for many years that some of the greatest medical breakthroughs have been made by military medics - this gives the lie to the Neue Arbeit claim that the NHS is more efficient than the military hospitals.
charlie_five said:

A little good news perhaps?
Not really. OK it is a little heartening, but only a little. Fast-tracking people means someone else has to suffer for longer. It seems rather unsatisfactory to me. More hospitals/doctors/nurses and no waiting list would be perfect. We should also have enough millitary hospitals to treat all injured servicemen.

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