A squaddie vying for the "Miss England" title

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. You started early, didn't you? Good on ya anyway! :D
    And good luck to her!
  2. Done ages and ages ago.
  3. I read something about this on here months and months ago with a link to the same article too.
  4. Dear G..

    I am so old.

    C'mon fellas, this is a wind-up, isn't it? (Had to look again - now I'm coming over all blind).

    No. I'll not believe............ (Is this site a British ARMY site?)

    Oh, thanks nurse, - I'll be 'ok' in a moment or two - no, please don't shut the internet down - please. Oi! my bedding was changed a day or so ago, - c'mon.......... what are you doing? So, so, I had a whatsit, you know.........

    Why was I born so long ago?
  5. What a trollop, parading her wares like that.
  6. Maybe we can get her to front an Arrse 2010 Calendar. Does anyone know if she's on here?
  7. She's got me standing to attention :oops:
  8. Is that story of her "Disarming" a captured militiaman gen or what?
  9. She was in the back of a wagon when a prisoner tried to leg it, she tried to grab him. Next thing you know shes being nominated for an award.
  10. I remember hearing about this a while back but it was from a slightly more negative view point.
  11. I know her fella, he told me a version.
  12. "The Army made me who I am today and now I want to give something back. My main ambition if I won would be to promote the Forces and raise awareness of their charities."

    Can the Army make me one? :wink:

    Certainly not WAAF, the legs are on the right way up. :wink:
  13. Is this the same combat barbie of last year fame?
  14. I suspect by your bluntness its the same version I heard. :roll: