A sqaddys dream

It's a bit _too_ easy really, isn't it?

A bit like laughing at the RLC... Everyone can do it, but it doesn't make it right...

Ahhh... Fuck 'em... Have at it... :D
Whats a sqaddy !
le_crabe_tambour said:
Whats a sqaddy !
add a u and look, there's your own little wah! :p

check ya pm's
Hey guys just want some help... I dont really trust my boyfriend and I just want some reassuarnce that he isn't cheating... I want to see what he is like when I'm not around and when he is with other girls... I know this is slightly an extreme way but I just need 2 see for myself just for once... just to put my mind at ease...

How can you find this out or even have some reassurance in the sense that I know when/if he is up to no good... please help desperate needd???

I don't know - set him up with a threesome? :wink: :hump:


Dammed IGS wont let me play
"My husband and I have been married for 6 years and I am 7 months pregnant with our first baby, I think my husband is gay, I have found several dvd's of shemale porn hidden in a bag, also some explicit sexual emails and letters he has received from a another man, and one when he came home late from work, when he kissed me his breath smelled like cum, i was to shocked and nervous to ask him.

How should I bring it up or talk to him about it?, and about our marriage?"


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