A Spam's questions/musings on the future Charles III

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by warmonger82, May 2, 2011.

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  1. First off congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, may they have a long and happy life together.

    The royal wedding has got me thinking about the current discussions concerning the future of the monarchy. Now one of the things very evident to spam's who follow ARSSE is the high regard and and deep affection her majesties forces regard Elizabeth II. My former Gunnery Sergeant regaled us once how he had caused one of the largest bar fights in the history of Valletta by making a less than respectful comment regarding the person of the queen in the presence of Royal Marines after a joint USMC/RM exercise in the Med (I believe the comment was something to the effect of "f**k the queen") Never the less, the subsequent lecture the booties gave on proper respect for her majesty's dignity was not soon forgotten by those present. On a note aside, It seems to me that throughout British history female monarchs have inspired a far more personal and visceral sort of loyalty from the armed forces, both officers and ORs than their male counterparts ( Elizabeth I and II, and Victoria).

    But then here comes Charles...

    So what happens when Charles III takes to sitting above the Stone of Scone? I don't make a habit of following the royals' goings on in too great of detail, but I do seem to recall something about Charles wanting to be one of Camilla's tampons? Rather, unfortunate... We in America have been hearing stories that the institution of the monarchy may not survive the reign of Charles. Do you think that concern has any merit? Anyways, my questions to the ARRSE community are as follows

    1. How will your personal feelings about the monarchy change when Charles III takes over?

    2. Is Charles the epitome of an upper class twit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqObJtGrKaA? Or, is he a generally decent man who has been placed under extraordinary pressure and unfair media scrutiny?

    3. Should Charles renounce his claim to the thrown in favor of William? How likely is that to happen?

    4. How strong will do you think you feel towards William V? As strongly as you do Elizabeth II?
  2. Think it defeats the entire point of a monarchy if we start to pick and choose the monarch. The worst he's done in my opinion is spout some nonsense against GM crops hardly worthy of being barred from the throne. We've had far more unpopular (and for far better reasons) monarchs in recent history and the monarchy's still there. Those who subsribe to the idea of skipping Charles for William may also be in for a shock as I'd be surprised and disappointed if William was willing to shaft his dad in such a fashion.
  3. I think The Queen has done an excellent job, however, with her demise I think I shall stop being a (weak) supporter of a British Monarchy. In my opinion Charles III (or if he chooses, George VIII) will do a poor job. He's weak, too political, and not as intellectual as he would like you to think (perhaps a mistake to try to appear intellectual at all - few monarchs do).

    Of course, one of the characteristics of a monarchy is that they do as they choose, so the current popularity of William has no sway in the thinking of the HoW, indeed to skip Charles and go straight to William would actually display a monumental flaw in the rule-as-of-birth model. So I'd say that it was extremely unlikely.
  4. ah but parliament HAS picked and chosen; Charles I getting his head cut off, Charles II getting invited back, his brother James run off the the throne, Parliament inviting William and Mary to take it, and Parliaments scrambling to give the thrown to the Elector of Hanover in lieu of the Jacobite pretenders... So its not like it hasn't happened before.
  5. Not in the slightest - it is the institution not the person. I wouldn't go on about how strange Obama is around the Yank military - he's still your CinC, even though most of you (experience not measurement) disagree with his politics.

    Those are not mutually exclusive categories.

    No. And, I suspect, only if he is seriously ill and actually unable to do the job. Which, given that his Mum looks like carrying on blithely for years to come, isn't an impossibility.

    Dunno. See answer to Q1 and we'll see how he turns out. Remember, anybody who has served under a monarch other than HMQ is retired (or a 5* - who technically don't retire).
  6. The Monarchy of today is much different to the Monarchy of old. They are far more media savvy and tuned into public opinion than yester-year. That's not to say they don't make mistakes, but they are more sensitive to public mood. They no longer rule the country, but serve it.
    Charles will be King, and William after him, unless they die before Elizabeth II. It's a hereditary title passed down generations over hundreds of years, not a Big Brother or X-Factor vote.

    I believe Charles has had a bad press, unfairly in my opinion, mostly from those who see Diana as a Saint or demi-god.
    Why would Charles renounce the throne any way? He'll make a good King, his whole life has been geared towards him fulfilling that role. I don't think William would accept his Dad being skipped as I don't think he wants to be King just yet. He wants to live his life as normally as possible. He's seen first hand what the extra media attention can do. At least by working as a Rescue Pilot he can escape some of that.
    The Monarchy are always held in high regard amongst serving personnel as we all swear allegience to Her Majesty, her heirs and her successors, and not to Parliament. The Royal family have a tradition of serving amongst us, either as Officers or as Honourary Colonels etc and they have an understanding and affinity with the Forces that no self serving politician can ever have. The Royal Family do a lot for charity and in particular Service charities.

    Whether it's Elizabeth II, Charles III, William V at the top table, the feeling towards the Monarchy and the Royal Family will probably be the same, providing they are in tune with the people. It's an institution, not a popularity contest.
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  7. As I said in my post Charles hasn't actually done a great deal wrong, whereas Charles I made the mistake of trying to turn England into a French style absolute monarchy and was too ******* dim to learn when he'd lost so gave them no choice but to kill him. James II whilst being a bit too Catholic for most peoples liking only really came undone once again because he tried to make the monarchy too powerful.
    So in closing unless Charles attempts to overthrow British democracy he should be fine.
  8. 1. How will your personal feelings about the monarchy change when Charles III takes over?

    the Monarchy is an English institution it will not change when Charles becomes king, the media will attempt to question the relevance , but the monarchy is the cement in the fabric of Great Britain

    2. Is Charles the epitome of an upper class twit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqObJtGrKaA? Or, is he a generally decent man who has been placed under extraordinary pressure and unfair media scrutiny?

    Charles shows a deep concern for the planet we live on, he is in a position to put questions about how we treat the environment into the public forum as long as he asks the questions i my mind he is doing what i expect of him prompting the movers and shakers.

    3. Should Charles renounce his claim to the thrown in favor of William? How likely is that to happen?

    Charles can not do this he will be King

    4. How strong will do you think you feel towards William V? As strongly as you do Elizabeth II?
    he can not do this.

    easy just look at the TV on Friday, he will be a strong modern king, they have been preparing him for the roll since birth

    God Save the Queen
  9. Was George VII (the Seventh) too insignificant to count?
  10. No way Charles is going to give up on being King after 60 odd years of waiting, nor would I want him to. On a whim deciding to go for William would give a stack of ammunition to the republicans, even more that a bumbling Charles. Let the Aussies do what they want.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Constitutionally, the PoW becomes King the moment HMQ breathes her last. The only way this could change woudl be by a prior Act of Parliament which, even if it were wanted by some, would cause a gigantic political row which the sitting Govt (of any flavour) could do without. PoW works hard at his job and has considerably empathy with people who meet him, and is very and truly supportive of all things related to the Armed Forces. The only snag is that he appears to have no scientific baseline AT ALL, which seems to lead him, with the best of intentions, into spouting rubbish on scientific matters like nanotechnology and GM and greenery generally. Sadly his Poundbury development in Dorset is an architectural and planning abomination, and I do wonder if he has the wit to see through some of the people immediately around him (like that valet there was a fuss about).
  12. as they say "the man at the top is only as good as the man who has his hand up his arrse" if you have crap advisor's you are crap at what you do.
  13. He talks to trees for fucks sake! George III wasn't that mad!
  14. Charles III? unlucky choice of name given how the previous 2 died!

    Duty rumour at one time was Edward as a favourite name.

    Have met him a couple of times and he came across as a pleasant bloke.
    Concerned and knowledgeable but not a "rocket scientist" and his points were more "man in the street"

    Completely agree with the crap advisors/ see through the people immediately views of seaweed/befeater.

    In all, I have no probs with him becoming King
  15. Its not the person it’s the Institution Charles will give the Government a run for it’s money that’s for sure he is getting on a bit now so will not rein as long as our beloved Queen.

    Charles is a decent man who I think really cares about our Country and he may be out spoken at times but he does talk sense and you can bet he ask’s his mum before he rocks the boat.

    When the Queen dies I will personally be very saddened but will support Charles just as much and no he should not renounce the thrown.

    William will when it his turn be a good king he needs time to grow in to the job which he is doing now.

    God Save The Queen