A Spam's question on the M16/AR15 in UK service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by warmonger82, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. I've been studying the early history of the M16 and would been very interested in hearing from squaddies who toted one as to their thoughts on how the little black rifle compared to both the SLR and L85. I asked my father ( a USMC veteran of 'Nam 1969) what he thought of the M16a1 after having used the M14 in both recruit and infantry training in the States. His comment was that while he enjoyed shooting the M14 he liked carrying the M16 a great deal more. Further reading seems to indicate that when the earliest model of the M16 were issued to elite US units the weapon performed brilliantly, but when the powder for the cartridges was switched during issue to general line units reliability problems and issues with Colt's manufacturing quality began.

    in general the questions to those squaddies who carried the M16 is as follows

    Which variant of the rifle did you carry? (M16 with now forward assist device, or the M16a1)

    If known, which powder the UK use for it 5.56mm rounds?

    How the weapon performed for you in both combat and general service?

    How did the weapon deal with wear and tear in adverse service conditions?

    Would you carry it over the L85 or SLR?

    As always, thanks for your time and patience guys
  2. I carried an M16A7 with a 6x Jeberwack rifle scope, Underslung M203 Grenade Launcher and blackhawk silencer. I modified the trigger so that I only had to squeeze half way to get a shot off and the rifle had four different laser sights that allowed me to kill four targets at the same time with one pull of that modded trigger.

    I personally found that the weapon was a pain in the arse to maintain and carry as it was heavy and cumbersome. I used the brittle bones of my enemies as powder, grinding them into dust and pouring them into the chamber. The weapon performed well in combat and killed everything I ever pointed it at.

    It also made me look ally as ****.

    /sarcastic bastard...sorry
  3. Not me, but a quote from a 'them' Sgt I recall: 'When God invented the Armalite [M16] he invented perfection'. Call me crazy, but I believed him.

    I've carried and fired the later model M16s, though never in a contact or anything emotional, and thought they were OK. Still miss my old blunderbus though.... sniff
  4. I carried the AR15 in the early eighties. It was an old weapon then as it was made in 1961 and thus did not have the bolt assist. I think I'm right in saying that the British army was the launch customer for the thing having bought 10,000 of them in 1961.
  5. I used an AR15 in Borneo in the '60s. Slightly lighter and shorter than the SLR but without the stopping power and toughness. I'm probably bias against it because mine went U/S at a rather crucial moment. For jungle work the Remington 870 beat both.