A SPAMS guide to Great Britain

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Aunty Stella, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. If any of our simian cousins are thinking of visiting our fair isle, make sure that you read the excellent guidelines listed here first.

    Stick to those rules and you won't go far wrong
  2. Where is that tool who wanted to be saluted? Handy for him!
  3. Thanks for the advice. If I ever visit your fair land in a suicidal frame of mind I'll keep that advice in mind.
  4. That's presuming we would let you in then ! :D
  5. Ah yes, Great Britain, the 51st state and home of President Bush's lapdog, Tony.
  6. nonsense corp, at least the 51st state part. We haven't added PR, and the have sun and surf why would we ever add the Chav capital of the world :D
  7. Very true. Can you imagine what we'd get if the Welsh ever mated with a Georgia redneck? Probably an AAC pilot or another limp wristed door gunner. :D
  8. :D
  9. shouldn't it be the other way round :D

    USA to rejoin the United Kingdom and have a proper royalty none of this "Dallas" and Kennedy crap

    think of the benefit Americans, Culture, access to 1000+ years of history, Proper Military training, the Pound, no IRS (makes a change that from 300 years ago), i could go on ................... :wink:
  10. Ah but with all that comes Cherie and Tony, and we just got rid of our last set of pantloads, Billary and AlGore :D
  11. We ditched that particular colony in 1776 as it had nothing going for it. And its gone downhill ever since! :D
  12. :D
    On second thoughts it might be good to cross the pond and take back some real estate. :twisted:

    The possibility exists to inject some culture and history there. :wink: :wink:

    Get a grip 8)
  13. First dibbs California 8)
  14. Oh, please come try and take us back. A troup of Girlscouts and 4 of MDN's ladyboy friends would be enough to stop you at the border. :D :wink: