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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It appears that I have pissed a person off. Please let me apologise and honestly I am not the cunt you think I am.
  2. Are you a different cunt then?
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  3. Dont post half a story, out with the crime, confess!

    Did you steal someones American tan tights or typewriter ribbon? or are you attempting to win favour with an ugly doris? :D
  4. He's definitely "different".
  5. Which cunt do we think you are? Which cunt are you if you are not the cunt we think you are? Why do we think you are the cunt that you are not rather than the cunt that you are?

    You have raised more questions than you have answered you cunt. (whichever cunt it is that you are today)
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  6. I sense this is going to get sticky...


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  7. Did you manage to thumb it in or did she start crying before you achieved penetration?
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  8. Of course you're not a cunt..... they're useful.
  9. Apologising for pissing someone off? I'd be permanently doing it. Only women and poofs apologise.
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  10. Thank you apology accepted, forgiveness will be a little harder, but a financial settlement or reach round may help alleviate the personal turmoil I am at present feeling.
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  11. Is this going to get your balls wet somehow or are you just being a massive puff?
  12. Are you like one of those Facebook cunts who writes a status that attracts attention and then plays the can't fucking share it game you cunt?

    "I'm so fucking happy today!!"

    "Oh aye, why is that then?"

    "I'll PM you.."

    "Don't fucking boither you fucking fucktarded cunt de la CUNT!"

    If not and you do intend to share then please accept my half hearted apology.
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  13. Well, I'm still sitting here waiting for a story worthy of Dickens.
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  14. Excellent bus there H-S.

    You should have a fleet of them.
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  15. You really know a woman who would ( truthfully) apologise for pissing you off?

    What did you do, hypnotise them - or beat them half to death with a baseball bat?

    All the women I ever met are immutably secure in the knowledge of their own certainty that they are never wrong.

    Haven't had much experience of "poofs" however, perhaps they are more amenable to reason.
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