A song that resonates again today.

Heard this on the radio today. I had heard it before but hadn't really listened to it. I'm not much of a country music fan, (I think this would be classified as country) but I do think that this is a rather touching song and one that's lyrics apply perfectly to Afghanistan even though they were written about Korea and are more commonly associated with Vietnam.

Never thought much of anything else the guy did (he didn't write it but it's the best known version) but don't be put off, give it a listen.

Anyway, here it is:


The Killers have covered it more recently but I haven't found that version yet.
Spot on Ex-Stab!!!

I wonder if that's made a resurgence in the States?

Spooky mate - nice one :D

edited to add;

only just hit the linky after typing that reply - I've never seen Kenny Rodgers wi gregory pecks nor without white hair - feck!!!! :D
Out in the fields, Gary Moore. proof war sucks, politicians suck and squaddies rock.
I believe it was written in reference to the Korean war.
brownhat said:
I believe it was written in reference to the Korean war.
Some info here:-


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