A son of Osama bin Laden banned from marrying in Britain.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. "five-times previously married grandmother Jane Felix-Brown"

    I'm in two minds about her...
  2. "Ms Felix-Brown told an appeal hearing in central London in June this year that Omar was "a lovely man" who could help bring peace to the world. "

    Presumably by slotting his Father? Can't really see her statement standing up to much arguement there. She reminds me of the mongs that send fan mail and marry mass murderers in prisons.
  3. Sins of the fathers, eh? Has this bloke actually done anything wrong or is it just guilt by association?
  4. They married each other whilst still married to other people,

    Quote Known by her Islamic name Zaina, the gran admitted their 2006 Egyptian marriage ceremony was not recognised by British law as they were both still married when it took place.

    Omar had a wife and son in Saudi Arabia and Zaina was still married to her fifth husband Andrew Yeomans.

    Bigamy is still illegal so they were right to deny access even if his Dad is a terrorist.
  5. Well maybe, but to be fair to those who made the decision, let's look at the ' facts':

    He applied for a fiancee's visa when he was already married to two people and she had been married 5 times and is still married under British law.

    God alone knows why it took six months to reach a decision to reject that one.
  6. So Gran is not going to be on the babysitting rota.
  7. So much for family values!
  8. They were obviously considering their 'oomin rites'. Can't let silly things like laws get in the way of those.
  9. If she loves him that much then go and live in Saudi then!!! Simples.